Monday, 11 December 2017

8 Nigerian Big Boys That Are Richer Than Hushpuppi, Yet Very Humble (With Pictures)

From bling to first-class travel, quick walks and expensive shopping, they understand everything and they like to show it on Instagram …
Meet the real Nigerian big boys on Instagram … Let’s just say that these people are much richer than Hushpuppi, but they are still loyal and humble. Feed your eyes under …

Here is an overview of how some of these young Nigerians live the high life and get worldwide attention on Instagram.

With the wealth in areas such as entertainment, fashion goods and other forms of business, their profiles, these people simply live a life that many can only dream of … but is it just for the gram?

Be aware that these pictures show that although these people are “bullets,” sometimes what you see can be very disappointing … Expensive cars, exotic vacations, and expensive fashion, you see, like those rich kids live their life on Instagram!

1. Jowizazaa

2. Dharmierichie

3. Classicman411

4. Mompha

Mompha, the CEO of a Lagos Bureau De Change loves to show off his bags from a shopping spree at Gucci, Cavalli, Valentino, Versace, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, making his followers aware that he’d paid for the luxury haul in cash.

5. Opaka1

6. InvestorBJ


7. Bnaira01

Rapper and designer Bayo Adewale AKA Bnaira is also fond of throwing cash around at parties. He became known for his love of red cars while studying geography at the University of Lagos and worked his way up from a Honda Accord to Ranger Rovers and supercars with personalised plates in his signature colour.

8. Moshhhhhhh

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