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How To Protect Your Child From Dental Caries?

Every mother worries about her child’s eating habits as they love to eat more sweets,  candies and fast food than the home made food. These eating habits not only affected the appetite but also resulted in teeth problems. Every day we see a child complaining about a toothache. Sweets and Candies are not only the cause dental caries in children but other factors like genetic, food habits, systemic factors and gum diseases can also lead to the tooth decay or dental caries.

Dental Caries In Children 

Here we bring you extremely useful tips on Dental Caries In Children.

Dental Caries In Children

Regular Brushing

This comes the first as many parents do not brush their kids teeth until the age of 2. The infant tooth start erupting soon after the 6 months and may delay in some infants. This is also called as Dentition period. During the period one should start brushing kid’s teeth softly and gently with soft finger brush soon after the 5 months. Many good brands of infant brushes are available in the markets. As the child grows it will get habituated to brushing regularly. The other most important point is to change your and your kid’s toothbrush every 3 months once. Do not wait until the toothbrush blossom like a flower. Regular brushing helps in teeth cleaning and protection from other gum diseases.

Proper Brushing Technique

Yes, this is the most important aspect in brushing. The children learn brushing from their parents, so mother or father should follow a TSD technique. TSD means tell, show and do. The parents should explain, show and perform the brushing technique to their children. Brushing every 3 teeth at a time in a circular motion is the proper technique. Normal brushing time is approximately 2 minutes. The horizontal brushing which most people follow doesn’t help in plaque removal nor in cleaning the teeth properly. The small kids should be guided by the parents each time before brushing. Some kids fear to brush so parents can make a routine habit of brushing teeth along with their kids this gives them confidence and make brushing a fun learning activity. There are many branded electric toothbrushes available in the market which can help your child in proper brushing.

Brushing After Meals

Most of people after waking up in the morning will rush to their bathroom for brushing teeth, this is a wrong technique. An ideal time for brushing is after each meal. The food gets stuck or gets coated only after you eat something and stays for a longer time in the teeth leading to the decayed tooth. So to avoid decayed tooth one should start brushing teeth soon after the meals in the morning and after dinner at night. As brushing after lunch is practically not possible to many school going kids, a daily habit of brushing two times a day is necessary to fight against teeth troubles. Children should be encouraged brushing soon after meals and explain them the bad effects of non brushing.

Check Bad Breath

When our body gets diseased or infected then it shows externally by signs and symptoms. Similarly, when tooth start to decay or get infected, bad breath problem occur. Bad breath is also called as Halitosis. Children are easily prone to tooth decay due to their eating habits. This decaying can be stopped at the earlier stage by carefully observing the bad breath. Mother when comes to know regarding the bad breath then the child has to be taken immediately to a dentist for further treatment.

Applying Fluoride Gel

It is a gel containing fluoride used mostly for the prevention of caries by the dentists. Fluoride is a mineral which helps in the prevention of dental caries and also the acid attacks from plaque bacteria. It also helps in the remineralization of the teeth in early tooth decay. This application of fluoride gel is done by dentists at frequent intervals. When there is an early indication of bad breath or the cavity problem then immediate attention to be given and taken to dentists for the application of fluoride gels. This gel lasts for 3-4 months once applied to children teeth. The gel is used on disposable dental trays and pressed against the upper and lower jaw simultaneously for 1 minute. This procedure is nonpainful and less time consuming and helps in prevention of tooth decay in children.

Avoid Sweets And Candies

Foods like sweets, candies, sugars result in the early tooth decay. The sugars present in the sweets are the main culprit which result in the tooth damage. In some children there is thick saliva which also adds to the coating of the sugars on the teeth resulting in the acid plaque bacteria. Increased water intake and brushing teeth soon after eating such foods can prevent the formation of bacteria and in resulting tooth decay. In some children there may be small space in between two teeth which results in the assimilation of food particles between the teeth, this, when remained for along time, can result in dental caries. The right brushing technique helps in the removal of food particles between the teeth and the if space is large then meeting a dentist can help in correction of the teeth problems.

Fluoride Pastes And Mouth Wash

In recent days, there are many toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluorides. The regular use of fluoride containing toothpastes and mouthwash helps the teeth against cavity formation. Apart from its beneficial property the fluoride when taken in excess results in a condition called Fluorosis where the teeth and bones become porous leading to fractures and early loosening of minerals. Hence it is important to note that a child below 6 years of age while brushing tooth should always be supervised by anyone of parents. Only a small pea-sized toothpaste should be given for children and advised them not to swallow it.

Calcium Rich Foods

Our teeth is the hardest part in the body. It contains enamel and dentin which makes it stronger other bones. Calcium plays the vital role in the development of bones and teeth. Calcium not only helps in building the strong teeth but also fights back carries. An average of 800-1000mg of calcium intake per day is advisable for the stronger teeth in a child. The foods rich in calcium such as dairy products like milk, curds, cheese etc, spinach leaves, tomatoes, sardines are helpful for the kid’s healthy teeth.

Visit To Dentist

As prevention is better than cure, a regular visit to dentist once in 6 months is necessary for the healthy teeth and healthy gums. Most of the teeth pain can be treated and corrected at the earlier stages which when postponed may lead to tooth extractions. Your family dentist not only saves your decaying tooth but also prevent further complications.

The dental pains are the most severe pains which can affect a small kid to an adult. Most of the tooth decay cases is due to the excess eating of sugars and improper brushing technique. It can be prevented from the dental caries by following the simple above guidelines. Do not delay in visiting your dentist once you find any black spots or chalky appearance in the tooth for the further protection of your kids oral cavity.

A typical life of african government to its ordinary citizen

Image may contain: car

The picture speaks volume... Have you ever wondered why these politicians can't cater for the people they are meant to govern? They are never satisfied in looting so the little left is what they share as RICE.

In the present failed Economy were cars you buy at N5m before are now sold for N10m the leaders still pays deaf ears to masses and engage in changing cars of our law makers forgetting salaries are unpaid, hospitals are not renovated or built, roads are not maintained or constructed, electricity will remain UP NEPA.

Do we keep singing praises to any governor who constructs some kilometers of roads forgetting he was made to do so.. Let's start clamoring for good health services and 18hours power distribution.

Do we keep accepting RICE SHARING as many claimed as AWESENA by some failed politicians .NO.




At Age 70 She Gave Birth To Quadruplets And You Wouldn’t Believe Who The Dad Is

In a biology-defying feat for womankind, one 65-year-old woman has made the impossible possible. That’s right, a grandmother from Germany has given birth. It would be impressive enough if there was just one baby involved, but this woman has managed to birth quadruplets. Doctors thought she wouldn’t be able to do it, but she persisted and ended up winning, despite a very early and risky delivery. If that’s not girl power, we don’t know what is!

Annegret Raunigk was not a lonely woman who spent her whole life trying to have a family. She was already a mother to 13 children before the quadruplets came along, which is way too much for a lot of us already. Ranging in age from 9 to 44 years, some of her children already have children of their own, making her one unusual granny.

Raunigk decided to become pregnant again after her youngest child requested a little brother or sister. Apparently, that’s all it took for Raunigk to set about defying nature and seeking out fertility treatment. We’re not sure if her youngest was happy with four new siblings, but we guess it’s a case of being careful what you wish for!

Unlike most women, who tend to get pregnant in their more fertile years, Raunigk was unable to do things the old-fashioned way. Menopause had well and truly arrived for her and she had to find a more creative way to fulfil her daughter’s wish. She turned to IVF treatment, but what she required was so controversial, it’s illegal in Germany.

For the procedure to work, Raunigk needed both a donor egg and sperm, meaning she is not actually the biological mother of the babies she carried. In Germany, it is illegal to undergo artificial insemination with both a donor egg and sperm, so she had to hop on a plane to Ukraine in order to find a doctor who was willing to help.

The expectant mother knew she was pregnant, but was completely shocked when her 21-week ultrasound revealed a little more than one baby. Doctors informed her she was carrying not one, but four fetuses, which was basically a medical miracle, considering her age. We wouldn’t have been able to believe the screen if it happened to us!

News of the quadruplets overjoyed Raunigk and her family, but it caused nothing but concern for the doctors overseeing her pregnancy. One of the medical professionals on her case wanted her to consider a ‘selective reduction’ which would mean one or more fetuses would be aborted, in order to take the stress of all four babies off Raunigk’s older-than-usual body.

Raunigk refused the advice of her doctors and said she would be going ahead with all four babies, despite the risks. She also received a lot of criticism from people all over the world who read about her pregnancy. But she continued unbothered and wouldn’t let other people change her mind or bring down her excitement about the new additions.

Doctors were initially shocked that all four of the eggs used in the IVF treatment had successfully implanted. It’s quite normal for multiple eggs to be used when undergoing the procedure, as the chances of them all developing are extremely low. Raunigk was somewhat of a medical anomaly, especially given the fact that her body was way past normal baby-making age.

Doctors weren’t lying when they said the pregnancy would be stressful for Raunigk. She was admitted into hospital a full three months before the due date, making it an extremely risky birth. Not many babies survive being born that early, and all of them required some form of intensive care, including breathing assistance and some surgeries.

The quadruplets all ended up making it through, which was a pleasant surprise for everyone involved. Premature births are always risky, especially when they’re three months too early. A girl and three boys, their names are Neeta, Dries, Bence, and Fijon, and they have all tripled their birth weight during their time in hospital.

Source:  https://wavysauce.com/at-age-70-she-gave-birth-to-quadruplets-and-you-wouldnt-believe-who-the-dad-is/

Facts about Murphy Ijemba (OAP at Max 102.3fm) and its net worth is over 30million naira

Murphy Ijemba is a Nigerian radio personality who anchors Max Drive show on 102.3 Max FM. His radio anchoring style has since won him several nominations and accolades at award ceremonies in Nigeria.

Early life and education

He was born in Mushin, a suburb of Lagos State, where he went on to complete his primary and secondary school education. He holds a B.Sc certificate in Accounting after graduating from Bayero University, Kano. In an interview with Emmanuel Tobi of The New Telegraph, he revealed that he had to sell chickens in order to financially support his education.


He started his radio career as a presenter at Raypower FM in Kano under Daar Communications where he worked for 5 years. He joined Brila FM in 2011 where he developed in his craft before he controversially quit the radio station in 2017 upon tendering his resignation letter citing the need to improve his "capacity academically and professionally". He is a brand ambassador for 360Bet and Zutasia.

 Image result for murphy ijemba biography

Below are the facts you never knew about Murphy Ijemba :

1.His name-Murphy Ijemba

2.His Nicknames:Radio Paparazzi,Eager,Radio Bulldozer

3.Born In Mushin,a suburb of Lagos

4.Had his primary and Secondary education in Mushin

5.Studied Accounting (B.Sc )Bayero University Kano

6.He lost his Father when he was about 3-4years –old

7.He lived with his Mother and Grandfather

8.His Mother had three Children

9.Because he didn’t want to end up as a tout,he asked his mother to take him out of Mushin to live with his mother’s elder brother’s  in Alaba,from there to Enugu,Benin and Abuja.

10.Murphy was a member of Cultural and Drama group in Primary and secondary school ,Mushin.

11.He sells Chicken while in the University to support his education.

12.Murphy was a member of Student Union Government(SUG) while in Bayero University.

13.Murphy started journalism when he was interviewed at Raypower,Kano station as a spokesperson for the SUG by Mallam Dikko who was then the Head of DAAR Communications in Kano. Who told him ‘’you had a good voice’’ that he loved the way he flow and his mannerism. He asked, “Why don’t you give a shot at presenting?” He said RayPower was looking for a sports presenter and maybe I could fill in for the time being. That was how he started in Raypower FM Kano.

14.He was a former anchor of entertainment show-‘Next Level ‘on AIT

15.Murphy is a  member of the Nigeria Guild of Actors.

16.He left Raypower  where he worked for five years few months after it got burnt.

17.George informed him about an audition in Brila FM when he told him he needed a job.

18.Murphy got to the audition late in Brila FM but he eventually got the job as he resumed the next day. 27 Facts You Never Knew About OAP-Murphy Ijemba

19.He speaks Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa fluently.

20.Before he resumed at Brila FM,he ealier got a job at Eko FM with a better salary but he rejected the offer due to probation that is attached to it.
21.His favourite food: Amala with Gbegiri and Ewedu with assorted meat.

22.He stopped smoking cigarettes in Secondary school when his mother caught him.

23.He loves Plus-size, God fearing, intelligent and hard working woman.

24.Awards:Most popular radio Sportscasters award (2012,2013,2015).

25.Murphy is the brand ambassador for 360Bet and Zutasia.

26.He was a former presenter of The Popular side on Brila FM with Sean Amadi and Eseoghene Odafe(Elegbete).

27.Murphy Ijemba was sacked from Brila FM on 5th September 2017 by Dr.Larry Izamoje.

28. the net worth of murphy is over 30million naira.

Two Senate candidates busted using aliases are possibly married to each other — but no one can figure it out

Montanans are debating the motives of two candidates allegedly running for the United States Senate seat currently held by Democrat Jon Tester.

“James Dean” says he is running for the Republican nomination.

“Sarah Dean” says she is running for the Democratic Party nomination.

The two claim to be married. But neither seem to be who they say they are.

The bizarre tale was uncovered by longtime Billings Gazette reporter Tom Lutey.

William James Dean, who currently refers to himself as James Dean, “filed to run for president in California under a different name, Daniel Lane Dean, the name that appeared on his Air Force Academy diploma, and his Hawaiian state bar exam, and a divorce record that shows him being served dissolution papers while working for the Judge Advocate General Corps at Guantanamo Bay.”

That’s not all, the Billings Gazette also uncovered that, “Sarah Dean has used no fewer than four names, each affiliated with an online business, or a Christian ministry, a collection of children’s books, or a crowd-funded charity.”

The Gazette reporter travelled 250 miles to Havre, Montana to interview the couple and yet they couldn’t confirm that they were married nor were they able to give a wedding date or location.
“Let’s hold that one for a bit,” James requested.

Lutey, a veteran reporter, quickly picked up on the evasion.

“Several of the answers offered by the Deans are like coins in the deep end of a swimming pool, vaguely recognizable but not reachable,” Lutey explained of the encounter.

A husband and wife running against each other was looking like the least strange aspect of the story.

For instance, Sarah Dean claims, “her famous music producer father, who Sarah won’t name, relocated his wife and eight children from Chicago to Montana, where he intended to set up a child labor camp. Sarah told The Gazette she escaped from the camp at age 25.”

“He wanted us to grow up in a ‘Little House on The Prairie’ lifestyle, but he also had us to be his slaves. He wanted to build an empire, because there was eight of us kids,” Sarah Dean claimed.

Lutey researched the tale of a slave camp of child labor in Montana and found a different woman with the same name telling a similar story. Then he found different aliases interacting with each other online.

Following links and websites and phone numbers, Lutey pieced the story together.

“It was William James Dean’s telephone number that tied him to an online professional biography, where he cited his law education at University of Hawaii at Manoa. But Dean’s law school accomplishments are credited to Daniel Lane Dean, a name the candidate acknowledged is his,” Lutey explained.

“I just didn’t like it, I didn’t like his name because they called him Dan and I just didn’t see him as a Dan,” Sarah Dean argued. “And I told him, you have to be a William. I didn’t like his name and all these complications that went with me thinking of him being a Dan and I’m just like, ‘I’m over this.’”

Both candidates have filed forms with the Federal Election Commission to begin raising money. Filing to run does not open until 2018, so whether either and/or both actual do run remains to be seen.

Is this an elaborate grift? Performance art? Donald Trump’s effect upon the American political system? Or sincere efforts for political change? At this point, nobody seems to know.

One thing is clear, even after being exposed by the Billings Gazette, the candidates do not appear to be backing down.

Following The Gazette bombshell, the Havre Daily News published an extensive correction to note everything the couple had withheld during an Oct. 9 interview.

“We are not concerned about anything in the article,” James Dean said about being exposed.

Bonding Benefits in Breastfeeding Extend Years Beyond Infancy

Summary: A new study reveals longer breastfeeding is associated with increased maternal sensitivity well into childhood.

Source: American Psychological Association.

Women who breastfeed their children longer exhibit more maternal sensitivity well past the infant and toddler years, according to a 10-year longitudinal study published by the American Psychological Association.

The results held even after accounting for maternal neuroticism, parenting attitudes, ethnicity, mother’s education and presence of a romantic partner. The findings are published in the journal Developmental Psychology.

“It was surprising to us that breastfeeding duration predicted change over time in maternal sensitivity,” said the study’s lead author, Jennifer Weaver, PhD, of Boise State University. “We had prior research suggesting a link between breastfeeding and early maternal sensitivity, but nothing to indicate that we would continue to see effects of breastfeeding significantly beyond the period when breastfeeding had ended.”

Maternal sensitivity was defined as the synchronous timing of a mother’s responsiveness to her child, her emotional tone, her flexibility in her behavior and her ability to read her child’s cues.
Even though increased breastfeeding duration led to greater maternal sensitivity over time, the effect sizes were small, according to the article. That means the close interaction experienced during breastfeeding may be only one of many ways the bond is strengthened between mother and child, according to Weaver.

The researchers analyzed data from interviews with 1,272 families who participated in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Study of Early Child Care. Recruited from 10 sites around the U.S. in 1991 when their infants were a month old, mothers completed a home interview and became part of the initial study sample. The sample included a substantial proportion of less-educated parents (30 percent had no college education), and ethnic minority families (13 percent were African-American).

Women in the study breastfed for an average of 17 weeks. Fewer than 1 percent breastfed for 24 months and 29 percent didn’t breastfeed at all. Researchers interviewed and videotaped families in their homes periodically until their child turned 11.

 Image shows a mom breastfeeding a baby.

Women in the study breastfed for an average of 17 weeks. Fewer than 1 percent breastfed for 24 months and 29 percent didn’t breastfeed at all. Researchers interviewed and videotaped families in their homes periodically until their child turned 11. NeuroscienceNews.com image is in the public domain.

As part of the study, parents interacted with their children during free play scenarios and age-appropriate problem-solving tasks. For example, at the six-month visit, parents and babies played with a set of toys and, when the children were 4, they would complete a maze together. When the children were in fifth grade, mothers talked to their child about an area of possible disagreement, and also worked with their child to build a tower out of toothpicks. Researchers rated the quality of the collaborative interaction, such as the mother’s level of support, respect for her child’s autonomy and levels of hostility.

While fathers participated in the home interviews, there was no correlation between the mother’s breastfeeding length and men’s sensitivity toward their children.

The study is not intended to diminish the bonding experiences of women who are not able to breastfeed, said Weaver. “Ultimately, I do hope that we will see breastfeeding examined more closely as a parenting factor, not just as a health consideration, to allow us to more fully understand the role that breastfeeding plays in family life.”

Source:  http://neurosciencenews.com/breastfeeding-bonding-development-7831/

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‘Solar-powered cars for Nigerians by 2018’

Oldang electric and solar powered vehicle is an automobile propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device.

* Sokoto partners German firm on electricity A memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by a firm, Oldang International Limited, with Chinese companies, Halkoff Logistics and Hornson Development Limited, to produce solar and electric powered vehicles in Nigeria.

Oldang electric and solar powered vehicle is an automobile propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device.

At the signing of the MoU in Lagos yesterday, the Managing Director, Oldang International Limited, Olubunmi Oluwadare, said that the project, which will kick start January next year, could produce up to 150 solar vehicles per day.

The Sokoto State government meanwhile has begun connecting a number of rural households with solar energy.A statement by Mallam Imam Imam, spokesman to Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, said a pilot scheme had already started in Kurdula, Balle town, in Gudu local government area of the state.

The statement quoted the Special Adviser to Tambuwal on Public Private Partnership, Bashir Gidado, as saying the project is a four-party partnership between the state government, the Nigeria Energy Support Project (NESP), GIZ of Germany and GoSolar.

With a target to generate over 50,000 direct and indirect jobs for Nigerians, Oluwadare noted that the project, in its first phase, was projecting sales of up to 100,000 solar and electric vehicles in 2018.

“What we are doing now is that we want the value chain to create employment opportunities, which is very key to what we are doing. The machines are coming from China while the time frame will be three months. What we are trying to do is that the first phase should start immediately, meaning that the other parts, like the battery section and the solar panel section, will start coming. We are likely going to take off by January 2018.

“The first phase will create 550 jobs. Indirectly, it will create 50,000 jobs because we have people that are going to operate the charging stations, the repairs, the dealership, sales and those along the value chain.”

Asked if it would send the popular tricycle operators out of the market, he said: “We are not fighting or competing with anybody. We are looking at how we can reduce emission and fare, which is key. It will also reduce accidents on the road because doors are attached. Definitely and gradually, a lot of people will go for the best option.”

Non-Executive Director of Oldang, Mohammed Dangote, said the project would create change in the transportation system through the use of natural resources and reduced cost of transportation.

“I believe this will show the masses that government is really working to make a safer, cleaner and healthier Nigeria. A project like this will literally open eyes that it is possible to go for change that will not cost a lot of money.”

DIY Makeup Remover : How To Remove Make Up With Oils?

You must be familiar with makeup removing creams and cleansers. But have you ever tried oil to remove your make up? Here are a few ways to use oil and take off your make up.  You can now keep aside all those chemicals you have been using until now and switch to these more natural options i.e. DIY makeup remover.

Your skin requires oil in the right proportion. When it lacks this natural oil, the skin produces oil by itself in order to compensate for this loss. This will lead to blackheads and other skin breakouts for those whose skin is already oily and for those who have sensitive or dry, this will make it even more dry and cause irritation.

Thereby, when you make use of oil to wash your face, the dirty oils get dissolved and does not strip your skin off the natural oils you need. This is much more simpler and not as expensive as getting those high end make up removers.  Also, through oil cleansing you can remove your mascara, eyeliner, foundation and all your make up in one go.

DIY Makeup Remover 

How To Make DIY Makeup Remover?

1. Castor Oil and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Castor oil is produced from the castor bean and has anti-bacterial properties. This is great cleanser for your skin. However, the quantity that you use should be based on the type of your skin.  Olive oil contains anti-aging oxidants. It suits all skin types. Extra-virgin olive oil contains a bigger proportion of the natural vitamins and minerals that are there in olives. Anioxidants like vitamins A and E are found in this oil.It acts as a moisturises to the skin, keeps it smooth and protects the skin by acting as a shield.

Those who have normal must go for a 1:1 ratio of castor oil to extra-virgin olive oil. Those with oily skin can stick to a 3:1 ratio of the same and for those whose skin is dry a 1:3 ratio will be the best.
You can also use jojoba oil, avocado oil or almond oil instead of extra-virgin olive oil. Jojoba oil may be used by those with any skin type. However, avocado oil is best for those with dry skin and almond oil works wonders for the oily skin type.

  • Make a blend of the oils you have in the right quantity. Mix these well together and pour into a glass jar that has a lid in order t o store it.
  • Take a small amount of oil and rub in onto your skin. Keep adding more oil as required and gently massage on your skin. Continue this for almost one minute.
  • If at all you have eye makeup or mascara on, you can rub a small amount of oil on your eyelids softly. This will help you to remove any kind of makeup.
  • Wet the clean washcloth using warm water. Squeeze the cloth so that there is no water dripping and leave it over your face for around one This, in turn, enables removal of impurities and also clears the pores. Following this, wipe away any oil that is remaining on your face using the washcloth.

2. Jojoba Oil

This oil is extracted from the jojoba plant’s seed. It is pale and is the colour of honey. This can also be used as an incredible DIY makeup remover. However, you require a very less quantity of the oil to remove make up from your entire face.

  • Use a cotton ball and add just about three to four drops of the oil on to it.
  • Wipe over the makeup using this cotton ball.
  • Very gently wipe over the eyeshadow, blush, concealer and foundation.
  • You could press slightly harder over your lipstick.
  • Allow the oil to hydrate your skin by naturally soaking in.
Once you remove the make up, you do not have to wash the oil away from your face as it is a natural product and is safe as well. Jojoba oil has a moisturising effect.

3. Almond Oil

Almond oil is an antioxidant and it is of great help in reducing aging signs and sun damage, if any. It is completely chemical free and contains nothing that can harm your skin. If you use this oil as your make up remover you will not have to apply much pressure. Pulling your skin can cas harm and may even cause fine lines to appear. However, if you choose to use almond oil, you will not have to pull or tug your skin. It will not leave an oily residue on the skin. Almond oil will also help you to get rid of dirt and other impurities on your skin. For those with dry skin, almond oil is the perfect solution.

  • Pour the required amount of oil on to your palm and massage over your face very gently. You may focus on the area around your eyes. Take a cotton ball and moisten it using rose water. You can even use plain water instead of rose water. Use this cotton ball gently to wipe off the makeup.
  • You could use some extra oil on the area around your are if you have used waterproof mascara.
  • Following this, you can wash your face using lukewarm water.
  • You can even choose to add a couple of drops of almond oil on to a tissue or a cotton ball and use it to remove the make up off your face.
In this case you do not have to wash it away once you are done removing the makeup because almond oil has incredible effects on your skin. You can let the oil be on your face and see the magic for yourself. It hydrates your skin and also gives you relief from symptoms of some skin problems.
So pick the one that suits your skin the best and try it out. These natural DIY makeup remover oils will not only help you remove your make up but will also make your skin cleaner and healthier. You will begin to glow like never before!

Source:  https://stylenrich.com/diy-makeup-remover/

What To Do After Workout Session!

Workouts are extremely beneficial for a healthy and fit life.  It is very important to follow a regular workout regime to nourish your body and make it perform better. Any kind of workout you go for would bring you numerous benefits, a healthy heart and fit body organs. But did you know that just by following some cool steps you can make your workout even more beneficial?

Smart work is quite important and beneficial especially if it is concerned with health and fitness. We all spend hours and hours in the gyms and gardens for that perfect body but sometimes do to get desirable results! In such cases, you need some cool tips which can enhance the results of your workout and make you feel energetic. From maintaining hydration to stretching, here are some amazing things which you need to do for making your workout more impactful!

What To Do After Workout 

What To Do After Workout

1. Sooth Your Muscles With Stretching

If you are undergoing a tough workout session like strength training, weight training, athletic workout or any such high-intensity workout, your muscles would get sore and painful after the workouts. You need to sooth the muscles and body post workout and get them relaxed. For this purpose, you can try some mild workout or stretching. The technique of stretching and rolling is often used in various gyms and fitness centers! With stretching, your muscles would build some lactic acids in the muscles which can cause pain, soreness, and heavy muscles. Your body is at a high temperature during workouts which would improve blood circulation and fight pain with stretching. Thus, go for stretching after workouts.

2. Get The Post Workout Nutrition

Eating is very important for your body post workouts. For soothing and repairing those sore and tired muscles, you need to eat protein-rich foods. The foods you select must be rich in proteins, carbs, and various nutrients thus letting your body relax. After 30-40 minutes of a workout, you would feel hungry due to intense workout session which you need to complete by eating healthy food. After high impact workouts, you would feel literally hungry, lazy and fatigue which you can treat by consuming healthy carb-rich foods. For repairing your muscles, eat lightweight and healthy food and do not eat junk food and beverages.

3. Get Hydrated With Water

Water is a boon for repairing the muscles and body post workouts. Water is a rich element filled with nourishing minerals which would soothe and rejuvenate your body. When you perform heavy workouts, your body loses lots of water in terms of sweating and thus you need to drink a lot of water to prevent hydration! A Huge amount of water is a key to quick and effective weight loss. Not only water would keep you hydrated but also it would cleanse your body and remove all the toxic substance out of the body which would ultimately lead to weight loss and detoxification of the body. Thus drink lots of body for healthy weight loss and quick recovery from workout stress.

4. Change And Get Sweat Free

Sweating is an obvious condition which occurs with workouts. When you go for a heavy workout session, your body loses lots of body water in form of sweating. This sweating consists of toxic substances, bacteria, and germs which are thrown out of the body. If you stay in the gymming clothes for long, these bacteria can stick to your body and also get your body smelly. From the inner garments to the gymming clothes, you need to change everything to prevent your body from catching the bacteria and getting smelly. The pungent smell and dirty clothes would simply make you feel lazier and thus, you need to change the clothes quickly after working out.

5. Go For A Refreshing Shower

Bathing can have a great impact in relaxing your muscles and getting them sooth. After workouts, your muscles may feel soreness and inflammation which can be treated with cool water. Also, the dirt, bacteria, and sweat on your body would cause disease and infections. Thus a shower would help in soothing your muscles and fighting smell and dirt. After working out you may feel simply tired, dull and lethargic which is due to the hard work your body has been doing. Go for a refreshing shower, fight all the bacteria and get some relaxation!

6. Go For Light Activities And Don’t Be Seated After Workout

Soon after you get fresh, do not get on the couch and stick! Your body feels quite energetic and the blood circulation is at a peak after a workout and thus you can perform some light activities after workouts. Go to work, read, listen to music and you would feel simply amazing. Sticking to the couch and not working would lessen your results of working out. Thus, take the advantage of intense energy and fresh mood and go for some mild activities. It is suggested that working and studying while you feel fresh and energetic would get you more focused and brilliant. Thus after the workout, get some work and rock it!

7. Measure Your Progress And Appreciate Your Hard Work

Measuring the workout is very important for you. We all go for workouts for some reason. Some require losing weight while some needs to build muscles. If you would work out daily and not measure your progress, you would simply not feel energetic enough to continue. Measuring the performance would help you find out how near you are to the target and how much more you require pushing yourself for better results. Measuring the progress would simply get you excited and happy with the hard work you have done. Motivation is the key to achieve any target and thus if you would measure your progress and get it right, it would simply cheer you for the next day and get you motivated.

These are the very basic things which you need to perform after a rigorous workout session. You need to understand the requirement of hydration, food and rest which can recover your body faster and get you ready for the next day. Do not forget to follow these steps for better workout results!

Source:  https://stylenrich.com/what-to-do-after-workout/

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Photos: World's First Trackless 'Smart Train' Launched In China

China has launched its first futuristic 'smart train' that uses virtual track lines and can carry as many as 300 passengers. 
The trackless train uses virtual railway lines
A city in China has launched a futuristic, trackless train, which uses virtual railway lines to take it from place to place.
The train, which can travel as quickly as 43 mph (70kmh), and carry as many as 300 passengers, is being hailed as the world's first 'smart train'.
The rail system, called ART or Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, runs on virtual rail lines through the busy streets of Zhuzhou in China's Hunan province and was created by China's CRRC Corporation Limited, one of the world's largest train manufacturers.
The ART is almost a hybrid of a bus and a tram and it will be used to shuttle Zhuzhou's four million residents about the city, before being rolled out across the rest of China.
Instead of using tracks, like a traditional tram, the ART follows white markings, painted onto the road and measuring 3.75 metres (12.3 feet) across.
Feng Jianghua, chief engineer of the train, has said the virtual railway system is much cheaper to build compared to a conventional tram or subway system.
He said it would cost 150 to 200 million yuan (£17 to 23 million) to build one kilometre (0.6 miles) of traditional tramway in China, but with the high-tech virtual line used by the ART, the cost would be reduced to 50 to 100 million yuan (£5.7 to 11.4 million) for the same distance.
Mr Feng also addressed safety concerns, saying the train identifies the pavement and has various sensors to collect other important travel information.
The service is set to open officially next spring and the hope is to make the trains fully autonomous in the near future.
In the US, Elon Musk is developing a system called Hyperloop, which is proposed to run at a top speed of 760mph using pod-like vehicles in a tube with reduced pressure.
"I know there are various companies that are trying to create the Hyperloop, and honestly I think it is a lot easier than people think. Blueprints are always kind of complicated, and, yes, there is math, but it's really not that hard," Musk said in a CNN Money interview.
"It's like a tube with an air-hockey table. It's just a low-pressure tube, with a pod in it that runs on air bearings, on air skis. With an air compressor on the front that is taking the high-pressure air built on the nose and pumping it through the air skis. It's really - I swear it's not that hard."

Procedure in building or creating a successful website

Building a successful business website, by Amex

Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard

Outdoors Tips? Who knew weeds were good for something? | Check out these 10 weeds and their healing properties #SurvivalLife http://SurvivalLife.com

16 Secret Codes For Android Phones

Below, you’ll be able to find some of the most common Android codes that have been circulating and tested on the web.

Use with caution.

Factory Reset Code:

Open dialer, type in the following *#*#7780#*#*. 
Another way is to open up settings and click on Restore > Factory Reset.

Reinstall Firmware:

You can reinstall your device’s firmware by typing in *2767*3855#.
You can also use a third party software on your computer to connect your phone and install new firmware.

Enable Testing Services:

This is commonly used for testers and android programmers.
Activate your Testing Services Mode by typing *#*#*#*#197328640 into your dialer.
Once you’ve done this, open the settings page to find the new Testing Menu.

Camera Information:

To find the type of camera on your phone, type in *#*#34971539#*#*.

Backing Up Media Files:

You can create backup files of your media files by using your phone’s dialer. Type *#*#*273 283 255* 663 282*#*#*.

Google Talk Monitoring Service:

Google is constantly listening. You can open up the monitoring service by typing in *#*#8255#*#*. There you’ll find what data Google really has on you.

Battery Status:

While the top-right part of your screen displays the battery status, you can also see more information by typing in *#0228#.

Encryption Information:

You can see the encryption type your phone is using by entering *#32489#.

Data Usage Statistics:

Check your true data usage by typing *# 3282 * 727 336*#.

3D Testing:

This may not work on all devices, but you can test out your 3D settings by typing in 3845 #*920#. This will show you if your devices are capable of rendering 3D modules.

WLAN Testing:

You can check the status of your Wireless Lan network settings by typing in 526#*#*#*#* or 528#*#*#*#*.

GPS Testing:

You can perform a full GPS test to see how accurate your GPS settings are. GPS isn’t always 100% dead on target. Just run the test *#*#1575#*#*

Bluetooth Testing:

Ever wondered why your Bluetooth settings are dropping connections? Maybe you can’t connect as quickly as you once could? Test out your Bluetooth for potential issues, and to see what type of Bluetooth hardware you’re using. Simply type *#*#232331#*#* into the dialer pad.

Checking FTA Software:

If you wanted to look at your device’s firmware to see the type of software used, type *#*#1111#*#*.

Checking FTA Hardware:

Find out what hardware it’s running on. Type in *#*#2222#*#*.

Diagnostics Settings:

View the settings configurations of your diagnostic testing by typing in *#9090#.

Sources: Android Stack ExchangeXDA-Developers.

Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life

When SHTF, you can’t rely on the corner drug store to have everything you need when your health (or the health of a loved one) falters. You can stockpile some meds, but that’s not a sustainable solution. You need to have a backup. Knowing about medicinal plants is crucial to your health and wellness in a survival situation. Read this list and get to know the 11 medicinal plants which you can grow in your backyard and use as home remedies.

Medicinal Plants You Can Grow For Emergencies

Expand your emergency preparedness skills by growing some medicinal plants you can use for home remedies. The knowledge you have on medicinal plants is just as important as your survival gear. When you’re in survival mode and your medicine runs out, you have to forage the wild for some plants you could concoct as a DIY remedy. If an emergency comes up, you’ll know which one of these green plants will help.

natural home remedies


Great Burdock

Great Burdock | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
The Great Burdock is used as a remedy for various health issues such as gas and indigestion, liver and gallbladder problems, rheumatism, gout, etc. Its ‘purifying’ properties aid in expelling toxins from the blood and the urine. This underground tuber stimulates the appetite as well, which helps in dealing with anorexia. It also treats skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Marsh Mallow

Marsh Mallow | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
You know you can’t make s’mores without marshmallows, of course. The sweet treat you know today is actually derived from desserts made with the marsh mallow plant, which is rich in health benefits. Because of its antibacterial properties, it is used to treat sore throat, cold, cough, and flu. It relieves skin problems and digestive complaints as well.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
Aloe Vera is known to have healing properties, which help in reducing inflammation, relieving itchiness, and stimulating skin renewal. This explains why aloe vera is popularly used to treat burns and skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, canker sores, dandruff, etc. It is also used to fade scars and fight skin aging. Although aloe vera is famous for its benefits to the skin, it potentially improves blood circulation, lowers blood sugar, and relieves constipation.

Pot Marigold

Pot Marigold | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
Like aloe vera, pot marigold is a popular topical treatment for various skin issues like minor burns, infected cuts, blisters, scars, acne, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, scabies, warts, etc. But it is also used to relieve internal health issues. It has properties which help reduce or provide relief to hemorrhoid pain, muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, and stomach ulcers.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
image via mymenopausejourney
Gotu kola aids in decreasing swelling and improving blood flow. For this reason, gotu kola prevents or decreases the appearance of varicose veins and blood clots. It also helps in preventing scars, stretch marks, and other skin issues. It has the potential to relieve anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia as well.


Chamomile | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
There’s a reason why chamomile tea is popular—it has properties which combat anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. As an antioxidant, chamomile improves immune function, making your body healthier in general. It also reduces swelling, alleviates pain, relieves constipation, and relaxes muscles.


Garlic | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
A very popular culinary ingredient, garlic also boasts a lot of health benefits. Consequently, it helps control high blood pressure, improve cholesterol level, and lower risks of heart disease. Aside from all these, garlic also provides relief to colds as well as other viral infections.


Echinacea | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
This healthy herb can boost the body’s immune system, making it more resistant to bacterial and viral infection. Because of the echinacea’s antibacterial properties, it helps in treating colds and flu as well as burns, wounds, cuts, and sores. It also provides relief to stings, insect bites, and snake bites.

Yellow Gentian

Yellow Gentian | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
This pretty but bitter herbal plant has properties to provide relief to gastrointestinal complaints like stomach ache and diarrhea. It also helps improve digestion as well as induce appetite. Aside from treating GI issues, the yellow gentian is also used to alleviate sore throat and jaundice.


Mint | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
You know this soothing herb very well—it’s found in candy, gum, toothpaste, even in beauty products. But the health benefits of mint shine most when consumed fresh as tea or flavoring to food and beverage. It improves digestion, relieves flatulence, and soothes common symptoms of colds. It alleviates nausea and headache or even fatigue.


Sage | Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Backyard | Survival Life
Sage has properties which address both internal and external health issues. It boosts memory retention, lowers cholesterol and sugar, eases stomach pain and diarrhea. When used externally, sage provides relief to cold sores and mouth sores.

Source:  https://survivallife.com/medicinal-plants-home-remedies/

25 Essential Business Books for Every Entrepreneur

Even if you are running your own business, doing it is never really a 100% solo gig. In these times of having endless technology at your fingertips, sometimes it’s hard to know what advice you should be seeking from the vast world of “experts”.

We’ve all found ourselves going down the internet rabbit hole trying to find ideas and advice on how and where to improve only to discover that maybe we weren’t looking at the most reputable sources.

So where’s a biz owner to turn? You certainly don’t have time to run out and get an MBA or take 10 different online courses. Well, what better place to look than to published, proven authors who you can get access to through Amazon or your fave book seller?

We’ve compiled our list of the 25 “must-read” business books to help you get started:

#1. Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
Rework is all about helping you find better, easier and faster ways to succeed. With it’s easier-is-better approach and straightforward language, this book is a great jumping off point when looking to make tweaks to your business. It’s an easy read that I go back to again and again – one of my all-time favorite business books! 

#2.-  The E-Myth – Michael E. Gerber
Despite being originally published over 25 years ago, The E-Myth continues to provide relevant and practical advice on how to navigate through business growing pains and turn a business that isn’t working into a profitable and productive entity. Super practical fundamentals for anyone running a business. 

#3. Turning Pro – Steven Pressfield & Shawn Coyne
This books takes all the excuses that business owners use and turns them inside out. It examines the real difference between what it means to be an amateur versus a pro when it comes to business and is always something I go back as a reminder of when I’m not being a pro. 

#4. Get Rich Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield-Thomas
While you may be skeptical of using theories related to the laws of attraction when it comes to your business, Duffield-Thomas makes a compelling case for why things like clearing past negative emotions and ridding yourself of negative associations regarding money can actually help you carve a path for long term financial success. I’ve read this book at least three times and it’s been a big part of me dealing with my money mindset issues. 

#5. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert B. Cialdini
Influence digs deep into the psychology of what makes people say “yes”. It also include six universal principles and how to use them to become a skilled persuader. If you do any type of writing, or selling, you need to read this classic. 

#6. The ONE Thing – Gary Keller & Jay Papasan
Time management is one thing that all business owners need to Master. In The ONE Thing, the authors look at concepts like how you can narrow your focus to achieve extraordinary results and how doing less can actually bring a much greater yield when it’s done right. Brittany and I swear by this approach to business and how it can help you get rid of all the things that don’t matter. 

#7. 12 Week Year – Brian P. Moran
This books redefines your “year” into 12 week segments, with the idea that shorter timeframe means less time to become complacent. This also drives increased urgency and creates a dynamic where you are focusing on the things that matter most. This is pretty much my productivity bible and it’s completely changed how I manage my days. (And spoiler alert – it’s actually helped me work less!) 

#8. The Pumpkin Plan – Mike Michalowicz
While struggling to grow his first business and feeling like he was spinning his wheels, Michalowicz came across a local pumpkin grower who provided him with invaluable business lessons. Michalowicz realized that the same principles used by the farmer could be applied to growing a business and decided to put this theory to the test, with amazing results. Here at Scoop we’ve been known to use pumpkin plan as a very when we’re getting bloated or need to get focused – this book will help you re-think what you really need to focus on. 

#9. The Go Giver – Bob Burg & John David Mann
We’re all familiar with the term “go getter” when it comes to someone who has a lot of hustle. In The Go Giver, the authors explore the concept focusing on the “giving” as opposed to “getting”, by using the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. If you run a services business, you’ll especially love this easy read about how being of service first is really the key to success. 

#10. Book Yourself Solid – Michael Port
Port takes a practical, no fluff approach to how to find and keep clients. With a vast array of marketing techniques covered, this book offers a multitude of ideas for people looking to grow their business with integrity. I really recommend you get this in hard copy so you can use it as a reference book that you can go back to time and time again. Every so often I get my copy off the shelf to spark a new idea or remind myself of basics I’ve forgotten. 

#11. The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vee  understands that the with the vast array of social media platforms available and consumers having near limitless options, a business success is going to be determined by its ability to connect with potential clients. He explains the benefit of not only embracing the social media phenomenon, but also understanding it fully. This is a bit of an older book, but definitely still worth a read. 

#12. UnSelling – Scott Stratten & Alison Kramer
This book’s focus is on everything BUT the sell. Unselling looks at the big picture, from creating loyal, recurring customers to choosing the best marketing technique for your business. It’s all about adding value and making helping your customers your end goal. If you’ve ever worried about being a sleaze bag you’ll love the examples of service and experience in this book. 

#13. Youtility – Jay Baer
Youtility explores the idea a company or brand should be helpful to everyone, not just those they are hoping will become potential buyers. With social media becoming more prevalent and customer bases becoming more evolved, businesses need to reexamine their marketing tactics to move with the times. This book is super readable and applicable to pretty much every type of business. 

#14. Everybody Writes – Ann Handley
Handley delves into the concept that in our time challenged world where things are often boiled down to 14 characters or less, the words we choose are even more important than ever. She provides insight into the process of content creation, production and publishing and includes actionable advice on how to get results. Most of all, if you write copy, these bite-sized lessons will help you b a better writer. 

#15. Made to Stick – Chip Heath & Dan Heath
Made to Stick looks at why some ideas flourish and other flop, and how to make things “sticky”. The authors breakdown the six  principles that makes ideas stick and provide plenty of real world examples of how these can be applied. It’s a fascinating read that really makes you think about how you too can create ideas that stick for your own business. 

#16. $100 Startup – Chris Guillebeau
This book is a case study of 50 individuals who worked their way to business success using on a modest investment to start. Guillebeau uses these examples to illustrate the valuable lessons that can be applied by anyone in business, no matter the size or scope of their ideas. The stories are inspiring and practical as $100 is a low cost investment to starting a business. 

#17. Profit First – Mike Michalowicz
This books takes the most basic of general accounting practices and makes a small tweak for big results. Instead of barely making it from paycheque to paycheque and existing on meager profits, the author looks at making profit the priority in a simple and actionable way. Team Scoop runs our budgets and money using this approach and it’s a great way to make sure you pay yourself and understand some financial basics. 

#18. Blue Ocean Strategy – W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne
Blue Ocean Strategy flips the script and suggests that instead of fighting the competitors for space in an already tight marketplace business owners should be working to carve out a whole new space for themselves. If you’ve ever felt that there’s too much competition or that you can’t stand out, this book will challenge you to re-think that entirely and push you to be innovative. 

#19. Sacred Success – Barbara Stanny
Sacred Success is a roadmap for taking charge of your life by taking charge of your money. Stanny makes a compelling case that you can see financial success without compromising on your personal values, and that wealth can be created by staying true to who you really are. If you’re struggling with your money and your money mindset this is a great place to start. 

#20. The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
We all know habits are inevitable. The human brain craves habits to avoid decision making and to be able to function on autopilot.The book looks at how the one thing that distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful is whether we control the habit or the habit controls us. Super applicable in understanding our own habits and that of our customers. 

#21. The Referral Engine – John Jantsch
With technology being so readily available and people having the ability to share with anyone at anytime, the marketing tool of word of mouth is more valuable than ever. Jantsch looks at practical techniques that can be easily implemented to take advantage of the power of referrals. This is a MUST read for every business. 

#22. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk
In this noisy world on non stop social media, companies both big and small are challenged with how to make themselves heard. Vaynerchuk breaks down the key strategies needed to deliver a message and have it resonate with the right audience. This book is a couple years old, but the strategy Gary Vee dishes up here is a good reminder if social media is part of your business in any way, shape or form. 

#23. How the World Sees You  -Sally Hogshead
Hogshead is the creator of the Fascination Advantage, a personality test that helps you understand how the world sees you. Brittany and I are both obsessed with the Fascination Advantage and use it heavily in our business and with our clients. This book is really a reference guide to go with the test and to understand how you to can use it. 

#24. The War of Art – Steven Pressfield & Shawn Coyne
Procrastination. The nemesis of every business owner. The War of Art looks at the things that hold us back, why procrastinating can be detrimental to our long term success and how to overcome creative blocks. I read this a few years back and it helped me stop making excuses and put my “art” first. 

#25. Value Proposition Design – Alexander Osterwalder
Filled with practical tools, exercises and illustrations to help you start making changes to your business right now, Value Design Proposition is written with you in mind. This is not a light read but it’s smart and engaging if you’re trying to nail down your value.

NCC moves to checkmate SIM Swap fraud

Ms Helen Obi, Head of Zonal Operations, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on Friday said that the commission has put in place a regulation to checkmate SIM Swap fraud.

Obi said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jos.

A SIM is a smart card inside a mobile phone, carrying identification number unique to the owner.
While SIM Swap is the process of replacing your existing SIM with a new SIM and moving your existing number, data etc. to a new SIM.

She said that the new regulation put in place to stop SIM Swap fraud was in the interest of customers.

According to her, SIM SWAP fraud has a lot of issues attached to it because often times, you find a lot of people who are not the owners of these numbers going to do SIM SWAP at various centres.

“We have cases of fraudulent activities done on people’s bank account as a result of SIM SWAP and they complain to the commission expecting that the commission would compensate them.

“We have now put a regulation in place advising these operators to demand for certain requirements and criteria before allowing SIM swapped.

She said that anybody coming for SIM Swap must prove that the number that was been requested to be swapped belonged to him/her.

Obi said that once that is done, there would be no complain and the operators would not be left in doubt.

“ So it is all in the interest of consumers that we are doing this because of the complaints, especially the one that has to do with fraudulent activities on the consumer’s bank account.

“What we as a regulatory authority keep advising and encouraging our consumers to do is that they should also help the commission to serve them better by following laid down rules.

Some subscribers, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said that Network providers were putting them through stress to have a SIM replaced.

They said that they were being asked to bring court affidavit, national identification card, SIM pack amongst other requirements.

Mrs Ola Adedeji, an ICT expert, applauded the idea of asking subscribers to identify themselves properly before replacing lost SIM.

Adedeji said that her problem with the network providers was that subscribers were not adequately informed about the new development.

“It is okay to ask a subscriber, who lost a SIM card and want a replacement, to properly identify himself or herself before a re-issue.

“But my problem with the network providers is that they should educate customers properly so as to enable us prepare ourselves before coming for replacement.

Mr Collins Okeke, a trader at Lugbe, said that he was not happy with the development of going through the stress of retrieving a misplaced SIM as network providers are asking them to bring so many things.

Okeke said that last time he went to do a welcome back at GLO office, he was asked to swear affidavit because he did not get his SIM pack.

“I am not happy with the development because I did not know of all these protocols as I was not previously informed.

“NCC and network providers should embark on serious sensitisation campaigns to properly educate subscribers on the need to provide the items for proper identification.’’

Facebook launches Africa’s first SME Council in Nigeria

"To develop better targeting tools, spend less and achieve more exposure and returns", that was the feedback from most of the selected participants when Facebook launched it's first SME Council in Africa on Wednesday, October 25.

The first to launch on the continent, and part of Facebook’s ongoing commitment to help support small and medium-sized businesses throughout Africa, the council was launched in partnership with small business owners to provide better digital tools for business and customer growth.

Speaking at the launch, Abi Williams, Facebook’s SMB Sales Manager, EMEA said: “Small businesses form the backbone of most of the thriving economies in the world, driving sustainable growth and creating jobs, and those in Nigeria are no different. Facebook is strategically positioned to help SME’s grow their businesses, and with a vibrant SME sector, Nigeria was a natural choice in launching our very first SME Council on the African continent. With 35 million people in other countries connected to a Nigerian business on Facebook, the global market has never been closer for Nigerian SMEs.”

Made up of a combination 15 vibrant start-ups and established SMEs from a range of industries, each business brings with them a wealth of unique experiences in understanding and embracing digital and mobile strategies, as well as reaching the Nigerian customer – making them ideally positioned to offer support to other companies who need it.

Henry Ukwu, of Paylater.com, one of the participants and council members, said that with the launch of the council, SME's now have an avenue to share challenges and opportunities in a mobile world.

"Facebook has really supported our growth as a small business because it has allowed us to get into new markets. With the launch of this council, we now have an opportunity to allow us talk about better tools we can use to increase targeting", he said.

The Nigerian SME Council is made up of 15 small-to-medium sized business owners in varying sectors and locations across Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja and Enugu and Kano.

The Nigerian SME Council joins 10 SME Councils across the globe, including North America, Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, India and Brazil.

Council members will meet a minimum of two times a year with Facebook and Instagram teams to discuss successes and challenges, business ideas and solutions.

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world. As of the second quarter of 2017, it had 2 billion monthly active users on the platform.


University ranking has become increasingly important in recent years among the general public at large because it creates a public platform...