Sunday, 30 July 2017

Apple removes some VPN apps in China

Apple Inc. has removed some virtual private network applications from its stores in China, a move that could block users ability to bypass a local web firewall and access overseas sites.

“We have been required to remove some VPN apps in China that do not meet the new regulations,” Carolyn Wu, Apple’s China spokeswoman told Bloomberg in an emailed response, referring to rules issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology earlier this year that asks all developers offering VPNs to obtain a government license.

VPNs are popular in China as they help users get around the Great Firewall, a system used by China to control Internet access. The removal is the latest sign of China’s tightening measures to block individuals’ access to virtual private networks, following shutdowns of several popular VPN services.

 Policy makers have prioritized stability ahead of a twice-a-decade leadership reshuffle due in the fall.

Wu said the VPN apps remain available in all other markets where Apple does business.

China’s MIIT didn’t immediately respond to a Bloomberg’s fax seeking comment on the issue out of business hours.

Facebook’s mobile video ads boost sales growth above projections

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Inc.’s investors are salivating over the revenue potential for the company’s chat businesses, Messenger and WhatsApp, after Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said he’d like to move “a little faster” to make money from them.

The company has warned that sales growth, fueled primarily by mobile advertising, will slow because it can’t keep loading ads into users’ news feeds on its main social network. Both of Facebook’s chat apps have more than 1 billion users, though neither contributes significant revenue yet. After the company’s earnings report Wednesday, Wall Street decided these apps are the answer to the growth challenge, and Zuckerberg’s comments sent the shares up as much as 4.7 percent in extended trading.

Executives spent the bulk of their earnings call with investors fielding questions about the potential for Messenger and WhatsApp. Zuckerberg tempted them further, saying Facebook “should be able to do better” at building a business than popular Asian messaging apps. It was left to Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Chief Financial Officer David Wehner to quickly remind everyone that the app businesses were still in experimental phases.

Sensing he might have inflated expectations just a bit too much, Zuckerberg reframed his remarks.

“So there have been a number of questions about Messenger,” he said. “It’s a longer term thing. I actually think in over the next couple of years or few years, the much bigger driver of the business and determinant of how we do is going to be video, not Messenger.”

Earlier, Facebook reported second-quarter sales that beat analysts’ estimates, climbing 45 percent to $9.3 billion. Mobile advertising generated 87 percent of total ad revenue, an increase from 84 percent in the same period a year earlier. Net income rose to $3.9 billion, or $1.32 a share, from $2.3 billion, or 78 cents.

Facebook’s social network, now with 2.01 billion monthly active users, is steadily driving sales at a faster pace than at other technology giants. That consistency funds the company’s efforts in chat applications and virtual reality. To keep up growth, Facebook has been heavily investing in video.

The sales growth is “really based on increased engagement” on Facebook and Instagram, Sandberg said in an interview.

“Facebook and Google are taking virtually all the growth in digital advertising — they’re the easiest place to spend your money,” said Brian Wieser, an analyst at Pivotal Research Group.

Facebook shares closed Wednesday at $165.61 in New York, just off the company’s record high of $166 on Monday. The stock has increased 44 percent this year.

TV Initiative
While Facebook’s video advertising business has helped propel sales for the last few quarters, the company is getting into content, too. Facebook has funded TV-like shows and short video series for a new product set to come out in mid-August, people familiar with the matter have said. The effort will help the company gain a share of the $70 billion television advertising market. It will also kickstart Facebook’s role as a video platform for episodic viewing, not just the viral videos that already are common, Sandberg said.

With the frequency of ads on the social network holding steady to avoid turning off users, Facebook is relying on Instagram, the photo-sharing application, for more ad inventory. Now with more than 700 million users, Instagram has a mature advertising business, built off of Facebook’s, and has been competing with newly public Snap Inc., the maker of Snapchat, for young audiences.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $22 billion, and spun off Messenger from its main application. WhatsApp now has 1 billion users a day, the company said. Before Wednesday, Zuckerberg hadn’t expressed any urgency about making money from those applications. Both are attempting to generate sales from users’ direct relationships with businesses. Oculus, the company’s virtual reality division, has been working to make the technology popular among consumer audiences, but hasn’t yet seen widespread adoption.

The new initiatives helped boost Facebook’s costs 33 percent to $4.9 billion in the quarter. The company also increased its workforce 43 percent to 20,658 as of June 30.

Voting starts in controversial Venezuela election

Venezuelan nationals protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the Constituent Assembly in Cucuta, Norte de Santander Department, Colombia, on July 29, 2017 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was pushing forward Saturday with a controversial weekend vote for an assembly to rewrite the constitution, despite growing domestic political opposition, international condemnation and deadly street demonstrations. Neighboring Colombia — a refuge for tens of thousands of Venezuelans fleeing the chaos at home — said on Friday it would not recognize the results of Sunday’s election in Venezuela. 

President Nicolas Maduro cast his ballot Sunday to kick off a controversial vote in Venezuela electing a new, all-powerful “Constituent Assembly” he promises will end his country’s crisis by rewriting the constitution.

The vote has been fiercely opposed by months of deadly street protests and criticized internationally.
Venezuela’s opposition says it is a bid for the beleaguered Maduro to cling to power by getting around the parliament controlled by its lawmakers.

State television showed Maduro voting in a west Caracas polling station for the 545-member citizens’ assembly that will be empowered to dissolve the opposition-controlled parliament and change laws as it reforms the nation’s charter.

Turnout will be key in the election. The opposition has urged a boycott, saying the vote was a move towards “dictatorship” with the backing of the military.

Surveys by the Datanalisis polling firm show more than 70 percent of Venezuelans opposed the idea of the new assembly — and 80 percent reject Maduro’s leadership.

Four months of street protests against Maduro have left more than 100 people dead, and exposed deep political divisions in this oil-rich nation reduced to economic calamity.

More demonstrations were called for Sunday’s vote, despite a ban Maduro has decreed threatening prison terms of up to 10 years for protesters.

But fear of the violence worsening has rippled across the region, and beyond.

The US, the EU and Latin American powers, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, have come out against the election, saying it would destroy Venezuelan democracy.

US sanctions
Several foreign airlines, including Air France, Delta, Avianca and Iberia have suspended flights to the country over worries about security.

Families of US diplomats there have been ordered to leave following the imposition of American sanctions on 13 current and former Venezuelan officials.

Maduro — who described the Constituent Assembly as a “card that will win this game” — on Saturday said the vote was “the most important election held in Venezuela’s political system.”

Authorities on the eve of the vote said all was ready for the nationwide balloting, although the head of the electoral council acknowledged some voting machines had been burned in attacks on polling stations.

Freddy Guevara, an opposition lawmaker, said the new assembly was “fraudulent” and Maduro was “making the biggest historical mistake he could commit.”

The head of Datanalisis, Luis Vicente Leon, said the Constituent Assembly “wasn’t being formed to solve the country’s problems,” but was instead a political gambit because the uncharismatic Maduro — whose term is meant to finish next year — “can’t win elections.”

‘Nervous’ Venezuelans
Colombia and Panama — refuges for tens of thousands of Venezuelans fleeing the chaos at home — have said they will not recognize the results of Sunday’s election in Venezuela.

At an overnight protest in Villa del Rosario, a Colombian town on the Venezuelan border, hundreds of Venezuelans taking shelter there decried the election.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen in this situation created by this president,” said one of them, Bella Buitrago, 48. “We’re all extremely nervous.” “We don’t want Mr Maduro… he should leave the country,” said another, Sindry Borges.

Some in Maduro’s administration have broken ranks with him, most prominently his attorney general. Two diplomats resigned this week in dissent: one at the United Nations and another at the embassy in Panama.

The Venezuelan leader has blamed the mounting unrest against him and his policies on the United States, working hand-in-hand with the Venezuelan opposition to wage an “economic war.”

Trump vows he won’t let China ‘do nothing’ on North Korea

US President Donald Trump delivers remarks on law enforcement at Suffolk Community College in Brentwood, New York, on July 28, 2017.

US President Donald Trump warned Saturday that he would not allow China to “do nothing” on North Korea after the hermit state launched an intercontinental ballistic missile it boasted could reach the United States.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un boasted of his country’s ability to strike any target in the US after the ICBM test that weapons experts said could even bring New York into range — in a major challenge to Trump.

Under Kim’s leadership, North Korea has accelerated its drive towards a credible nuclear strike capability, in defiance of international condemnation and multiple sets of UN sanctions.

In his critique of Beijing, which came in two tweets, Trump linked trade strains with the Asian giant — marked by a trade deficit of $309 billion last year — to policy on North Korea, after South Korea indicated it was speeding the deployment of a US missile defence system that has infuriated China.

“I am very disappointed in China. Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk,” Trump wrote. “We will no longer allow this to continue. China could easily solve this problem!”

Trump, who is at loggerheads with Beijing over how to handle Kim’s regime, has repeatedly urged China to rein in its recalcitrant neighbour, but Beijing insists dialogue is the only practical way forward.

The tweet storm coincided with a bilateral mission led by US strategic bombers on Saturday that flew over the Korean Peninsula in a pointed show of force in response to the latest ICBM tests.

US B-1B bombers along with fighter jets from the South Korean and Japanese air forces participated in the 10-hour bilateral mission, practising intercept and formation drills.

“North Korea remains the most urgent threat to regional stability,” said General Terrence O’Shaughnessy, Pacific Air Forces commander, in a statement. “If called upon, we are ready to respond with rapid, lethal, and overwhelming force at a time and place of our choosing.”

US ‘within striking range’
Kim said the test “is meant to send a grave warning to the US” and demonstrated the North’s ability to launch “at any place and time,” the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

The “leader said proudly the test also confirmed all the US mainland is within our striking range,” it said.

Trump denounced the launch as “reckless and dangerous” and rejected Pyongyang’s claims that such tests helped ensure its security. He vowed to take “all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.”

Weapons experts said the altitude and flight time of Friday’s missile suggested it was significantly more powerful than the earlier July 4 test, with a theoretical range of around 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometres) meaning it might be able to reach east coast US cities like New York, depending on the payload size.

International response
Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said he held telephone talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and agreed on the need to put “the heaviest possible pressure” on North Korea.

“We confirmed that we will closely cooperate in adopting a fresh UNSC (UN Security Council) resolution, including severe measures, and working on China and Russia,” Kishida told reporters.

In a standard response to the test, Beijing urged restraint by all sides, after the US and South Korea conducted a live-fire exercise using surface-to-surface missiles.

The heads of the US and South Korean militaries also discussed “military response options” after North Korea’s launch, the Pentagon said.

China, Pyongyang’s main economic and diplomatic ally, opposes any military intervention and calls for a resolution through dialogue.

The US military will also roll out “strategic assets” to the South following the North’s missile test late Friday, according to South Korean defence minister Song Young-Moo.

Song declined to specify the nature of the mobilization, but the phrase usually refers to high-profile weapons systems, such as stealth bombers and aircraft carriers.

The THAAD missile defence battery comprises six interceptor missile launchers. Two launchers have been tentatively deployed at a golf course-turned-US military base in Seongju County, 187.5 miles south of Seoul.

China has long argued the deployment will destabilize the region.

The North’s KCNA news agency ran a statement warning of a “miserable fate” for the South’s government if it persists with the scheme, in a typically bellicose piece railing against THAAD.

Rising alarm
The North’s previous July 4 test triggered a global alarm, with experts saying the missile had a theoretical range to reach Alaska.

There remain doubts whether the North can miniaturize a nuclear weapon to fit a missile nose cone, or if it has mastered the technology needed for the projectile to survive re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

But since Kim came to power there has been a series of technical advances, including three nuclear tests and a string of missile launches.

In all, six sets of UN sanctions have been imposed on North Korea since it first tested an atomic device in 2006, but two resolutions adopted last year significantly toughened the sanctions regime.

Subtle Body Kit And New Wheels Complete This McLaren 570S

If you squint and look at a McLaren 570S, it is pretty remarkable how similar it looks to its big brother, the P1.

McLaren did this intentionally and passed design elements down its range, first to the 650S, then the 570S and then mixed them together with comprehensive changes for the 720S. In our eyes, it is the 570S and 570GT that remain the real lookers in the McLaren family and, adorned with a number of aftermarket parts, this 570S looks particularly special.

The clearest point of difference between this McLaren and a standard one is the set of chrome HRE wheels it sits on. With a relatively simple twin five-spoke design, they contrast the curved and flowing lines of the sports car and provide some additional aggression.

Beyond the wheels, the car stands out thanks to a bespoke rear wing, twin roof scoops, a sharper front end, new side skirts and carbon fiber attachments on the butterfly doors. As entry level models go, it’s hard to beat a 570S like this.

8 Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer!

We have talked about training your body at a fitness club or at home. We are sure you must have implemented some of our fitness tips. But have you ever tried to train your brain? Did something called as Brain Gym?

We love our heart as it connected to a beautiful feeling called love. We love our body and hence, train it and nourish it for looking attractive. But do we love our brain and take care of it? No, we just tax our brains with

  • Unnecessary worries,
  • Unwanted thoughts,
  • Imaginary scenarios,
  • Fearful thoughts,
  • Negative feelings,
  • Unwelcoming news,
  • Tight deadlines,
  • Last-minute instructions
  • Work Stress
  • Emotional problems
…and much more…

Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer

We just want our brain to perform tasks and act like a super-computer. We don’t give our brain a chance to fall in love, it’s the heart’s function.

Amusing, right? As if you brain is pushing itself out of the comfort zone and lifting weights and doing push-ups. Well, brain gym doesn’t exactly mean in terms of physical exertion. It is to stimulate and tingle those brain muscles effectively and making it sharper and stronger.

However, we should our brain some time to relax, to reflect and to make it stronger in the future. This is very much possible by applying some of the brain gym techniques. These methods render proper blood circulation throughout all the body parts and till the brain.

Brain gym exercises are simple to perform and easy to remember. People of all ages can perform these exercises. With a healthy brain, you can live a happier and cheerful life ahead.

Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer

1. Drink Lots Of Water

Oops! Have we turned to the health segment? No, we are still talking about brain gym.
  • Drinking lots of water not only hydrates your body parts but also refreshes your brain.
  • Your brain receives energy to perform assigned tasks in the future.
  • Water is an elixir of life! You cannot live without water. Similarly, your brain also cannot function properly without water.
  • Keep drinking water at regular intervals. Whenever you feel exhausted or down, sip some cool water and feel refreshed.
  • Your brain is getting its food in some manner. Soon, you would be able to make decisions and carry out important tasks.

2. Learning A Foreign Language

Does it sound irritating for you to learn a foreign language? Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to train your brain. Imagine you don’t know a particular language, then how will you take efforts to learn it. Just like a kid learn language during childhood! You will ask ‘What’s this? What’s that?’ and your brain cells will be continuously engaged.

  • You will forget all your worries and negativities and get engaged in the process of learning a foreign language.
  • Remember that you are not learning it to impress someone, or learn thousands of bucks but just for training your brain.
  • Learning a foreign language also has more benefits. You become aware of other cultures in the world and began respecting it.
  • If you travel in another country and speak in that language, people will welcome you more.
  • In addition to your CV, it will add to your personality effectively.

3. Solving Puzzles And Crosswords

‘Forget it that is an idle person’s job. We are busy people.’ We often say it to others when we see a crossword or other kind of puzzle in the newspaper or a magazine. Besides being a leisure activity, there is something more in these puzzles.
  • They tickle your brain cells. Certain puzzles increase your logical capabilities while some puzzles enhance your existing vocabulary base.
  • It doesn’t mean that you have to assign a specific slot for solving these puzzles. But whenever you feel that your brain needs some kind of exercise, you can go for it without stretching yourself beyond the limits.

4. Crazy Eight Exercises

  • This is a kind of exercise that helps in developing concentrations skills.
  • Straighten your arm in front of your eyes and draw an imaginary digit of 8 with the help of your thumb.
  • Keep tracing it slowly and carefully as if you are drawing it on a board or something.
  • When you draw it, you should completely concentrate on your thumb and not on your hand or the wall in front of you.

5. Neck Rolling Exercise

We perform this exercise during fitness training too.
  • Keep rolling your neck easily and slowly in small circles.
  • Keep breathing when you roll your neck.
  • You need to make 3-4 rotations and not more than that.
  • We don’t stretch our neck often. It is always stiff while sitting in front of the computer or at the desk. Hence, this exercise will give some physical activity to the neck and also for the head.

6. Deep Breathing Exercise

Mental relaxation always involves deep breathing exercises. We have become too busy in our schedules that we forget to perform the most crucial activity of our body – breathing.
  • This simple breathing exercise will make you feel better and your mind energetic.
  • Keep your hand on your stomach lightly and exhale deep short breaths as if you are releasing the entire air from your lungs.
  • Then, take a deep inhale while chanting your favourite mantra.
  • Repeat this process twice or thrice.
  • This will also not make you feel drowsy while working.

7. Cross Crawls

This exercise has been trending since many days in the brain gym segment.
  • Stand straight and place your left hand on the right knee by crossing the middle part of your body.
  • Perform this action very slowly and not fast.
  • Later, place your right hand on your left knee.
  • Repeat the process twice or thrice but in a slow manner.
  • Due to this exercise, you can increase your concentration or creative thinking abilities.

8. Hookups

You will love doing this fun exercise.
  • Stand straight and cross your foot one over the other.
  • At the same time, straighten your hands and cross them one over the other in front of your body.
  • Later, you can bring those crossed arms close to your chest and relax for some time.
  • This exercise helps in relieving stress and anxious feelings of an individual.

Thus, these brain gym exercises will definitely help you in train your brain in the right way. Try these tips and train your brain trained to work like a super computer and be able to effectively handle the everyday stress and excel in life!

The Foods You Should Never Eat After They Expire!

Are you conscious about the expiry date of the items you purchase? Then you might also be habitat in removing the items, which have already expired. Although this is a good habit to keep yourself and your family healthy by avoiding any kind of sickness, there are some items you can also use after they have expired. However, on a safe side, it is good to avoid the items that have expired on a precautional basis. Here we suggest some foods you should never eat after they expire.

 Foods You Should Never Eat After They Expire

Here are few foods you should never eat after they expire.

Foods You Should Never Eat After They Expire

1. Eggs

Eggs are nutrients packed ingredients, when compared to other foods. They come with a delicious taste giving you abundant amount of proteins with a cost-effective rate. It has gained an uninterrupted position in the breakfasts of various people. But is having expired eggs good for your health? The answer is a big NO.

The expired eggs are the root causes of food borne infections. Having them would surely lead to trifling symptoms like abdominal uneasiness, diarrhea, gas, or food poisoning. The eggs generally, do not contain any kind of expiry date, but the cartons they are packed in certainly carry the date when the packing was done. The eggs stored in the refrigerator are good for consuming for nearly 4 weeks, after they are crammed. Having them after a prolonged period would definitely put you in trouble.

2. Deli Meat

You might have heard about the E. coli and the Listeria bacteria, which develop in deli meat when it is processed. These bacteria are widespread in both the types of deli meat, i.e. the prepacked deli meat and the sliced quantity you demand from the butcher. The consumable life of deli meat is merely of three days, after you purchase it. Consuming the deli meat after that would be harmful for your health.

Listeria bacteria can cause you food poisoning to an extreme level. The processed deli meat comes with nitrates in a great quantity, which is the reason for various health problems like cancer.

Hence, it is recommended to have fresh, natural and nitrate free deli meat for your meals rather than choosing processed or pre-purchased deli meat.

3. Mixed Green Leafy Veggies

The list of green leafy vegetables includes spinach, spring mix, arugula, salad, lettuce, etc., which too have their due dates of expiring. All these mixed greens are used for making sandwiches for a healthy breakfast. The veggies are quickly acquired by the bacteria and pathogens. They can lead to dangerous disorders like digestive disorders, abdominal pain, food poisoning, infections, etc.
It is advisable to check the due date of the packed mixed greens, and store them properly to keep them fresh for a long time. Roll the extra veggies properly in the bag and seal it well or keep them in an air tight container. Also, make sure you consume it within 48 hours after opening it.

4. Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are rich in several nutrients, calories and grams. They list in the top healthy veggies in the world. However, they are the best homes for the bacterial growth also. They work as magnets in attracting various germs than the green leafy veggies. If they are not kept in the refrigerator, you will surely have to check them before you use them.

The alfalfa sprouts should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Also, make sure you have them in 2-3 days after purchasing it. In case you extend the limited period, you are surely going to spend a good amount on treating food poisoning and other digestive problems.

5. Oysters

The oysters have been the best choice while celebrating the happy moments. But what if it has lost its freshness! Yes, the oysters are also very harmful for your health, if you have consumed it after its expiry date. The oysters not only smell foul and groveling, but also build up some dangerous bacteria in itself, which can lead to severe food poisoning.

The Vulnific bacteria cause food poisoning, which can be harmful to the blood stream, resulting into septic shocks. The food poisoning from oysters are also difficult to cure. Hence, if you are having oysters in your meals, make sure you are having them fresh.

6. Shrimp

Whether you are selecting oysters, shellfish or shrimp, make sure you are purchasing it from a trustworthy person or shop. All these develop bacteria very quickly. In case of shrimps, the growth of bacteria begins when it is removed from the ocean waters. Also, the frozen shrimps would develop bacteria with a rapid speed. So, when thinking of having shrimp, make sure you have the cold ones. That means, if it is not cold, it is harmful.

Shrimps, scallops and shellfish all carry the same property, and hence, they build up bacteria quickly. A protective way to kill the bacteria is by cooking them, however, if you are going to serve them raw, make sure your seafood is within the usable period, and hasn’t extended the expiry period.

7. Raw Ground Beef

The raw beefs have been the stowing of microbes, which generate a bacterium named E. coli. The E. coli leads mild to severe food poisoning effects on the health. For avoiding the dangerous effects of having raw ground beef, select the one which is well processed and stored. A single mistake in the storing and processing system may lead the user in having food poisoning.

For avoiding the ill effects of having ground beef, cook it thoroughly. Check the best before date while purchasing it, and avoid ground beef that is expired. Avoid the purchase of ground beef from sale, as it may be near to its expiry. After purchasing place, it in the refrigerator and consume it within 24 hours for protection from any adverse effects.

8. Berries

Ever thought the tasty berries could be harmful also! Yes, that’s true. The berries contain cyclosporine, a kind of bacteria, which is the prime reason of fecal food poisoning. Certainly, the food poisoning caused due to berries is less dangerous than other ones, but it is yet not negligible. It would only lead to problems like shivers, vomiting, chills, diarrhea, nausea, etc. for some days. For avoiding such situations, make a point of having fresh berries, within 3 days of purchase.

Select berries that are bright in color, having plumy bodies and stiff skin. The spoiled berries would appear to be loose in shape, watery, would break down quickly and would also be discolored. The rotten berries would be automatically detected by its texture. The best way to keep them fresh in a healthy way is by covering them with a towel and storing them in the fridge.

9. Soft Cheese

When it comes to hard cheese, you can easily remove the rotten part on the edges with ease, and use the fresh cheese inside it. However, the similar thing doesn’t apply to the soft cheese. Having even slight mold on the edges of the soft cheese would lead to problems like listeria, a kind of food poisoning.

The dairy products like yogurt and cheese develop bacteria, which have high a risk of the growth of bacteria. It is, hence, necessary to store the cheese wrapped in the refrigerator after looking the expiry date.

10. Chicken

Chicken and other poultry products, when consumed after the expiry period, have high risks of gifting the user food poisoning. The poultry products need to be stored and cooked well while using it. Consuming underdone or pre-cooked chicken can be dangerous for health. Another danger with the chicken is the cross-contaminated, and hence, the raw chicken and grounded beef should not be refrigerated together.

While purchasing the frozen chicken, confirm it is softened prior to cooking it. If left uncooked, it may lead to the growth of bacteria in it, in a large amount. Even a small portion of uncooked chicken would lead to food poisoning. Before making your dinner, check the expiry date on the chicken.

Thus we have seen foods you should never eat after they expire. The expiry dates are, hence, important while purchasing any of the eatable ingredients. The growth of bacteria, fungus or other germs in the eatable can lead to serious virus or ailments, hazardous to the health. There are eatables, which are safe in limited consumption, but taking precautions are always better than paying the long medicinal charges.

So, next time you visit the market, keep the list of foods you should never eat after they expire, make sure you check the expiry date or the best before date for giving your family healthy meals.

Diet and Exercise Tips For Getting Flat Stomach!

Everyone dreams try and fail to earn flat stomach. How wonderful your favourite actor or actress looks with his or her flat stomach? As if they have never known of something called belly. You admire them, idolize them and love them. However, when you look yourself in the mirror, you get furious at your bulging stomach from the beautiful red dress. You hate the stomach. You just cannot love yourself with that rebellious belly and you start thinking how to get a flat stomach!

Your next step is to make a firm decision to quit unhealthy foods and sign up for the most expensive gym in your nearby area. You hit the gym for the first few days but your urgent important meeting, or a business trip or simply your laziness does allow to continue with your decision.

In your to get those flat abs, you need to be self-motivated. Remember that your favourite actor or actress must have undergone numerous challenges to earn those cool stomach. They must have also sacrificed their favourite sweets, fried foods and early morning sleep to reach the target. So, in order to know how to get a flat stomach, you will also have to suffer the costs involved. You have to be determined first to earn a flat stomach and flaunt in front of others.

How To Get A Flat Stomach?

Just remind yourself what all you can do with flat abs –
  • You can tuck your shirt in and dress up in a smart, formal attire.
  • You can wear that beautiful red dress and look hot.
  • You can speak confidently with your friends or strangers.
  • You can be a good public speaker.
  • You can wear all kinds of outfits and look great.
  • You can obviously flaunt that you have a flat stomach.

So, now since you have made a resolution of getting flat stomach, we will try to enlighten you with some of the tips and tricks on how to get a flat stomach. But at the same time, we will advise you to stick to these tips to notice the results in your body. Do not quit in the middle of your cool abs journey.

How To Get A Flat Stomach?

1. Say NO To Unhealthy Foods

The main reason for accumulation of fat on our belly is excessive sugar consumption. Also, a number of fried foods get deposited in our stomach and thigh areas. Hence, you have to cut down these foods first. The list of such foods is long – pastries, cakes, chocolates, French fries, baked foods, white bread, processed foods, packed fruit juices, ready-to-cook products and so on. Well, there are numerous things to eliminate from your diet which is harmful to your weight as well as for your health.

2. Say YES To Healthy Foods

  • Imagine that you have gone for shopping. How many of us keep in mind the number of calories we consume? We go for a movie with a tub of popcorn and the largest scoop of our favourite ice-cream flavour. We don’t bother to try a veg sandwich or go for a fruit salad instead. This is the way how calories keep collecting on our body.
  • You should be willing to accept healthy foods in your diet regime. It is a misconception that diet foods are not tasty and are extremely boring. But you can try out various recipes on the internet and cook tasty diet recipes.
  • Additionally, we have listed out certain items that have to be incorporated in your diet plan – whole-wheat bread, legumes, pulses, cereals, food grains, fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, soybean, etc.

3. Eat Everything In Moderate Quantities

  • If apples are healthy, it doesn’t mean you have to eat apples every day and nothing else. You should eat everything in moderate quantities.
  • For instance, if you are really like to have a piece of dark chocolate, then you can have only small piece and not the whole bar.
  • Always have a variety of healthy foods in your plate. You should not feel that your diet plan is monotonous and boring.

4. Record Your Meal Intake

  • This is an important habit for people who earn a flat stomach. They record what they have eaten, at what time and how much calories have been consumed. This helps in analyzing eating habits of an individual. You will understand at what time you are hungry and what do you feel like eating.
  • For instance, some people have the habit of eating a sweet such as a chocolate or a pastry after a meal. It means that person likes to have a sweet after eating spicy food. You can lessen the amounts of spices used in cooking. Or you can have dates or raisins instead after a meal. It will energize your body and fulfill your sweet cravings. You can alter your diet plan accordingly.

5. Plan Your Future Meals

  • We all plan for our future such as investments, insurance policies, real estate properties and so on. But have you ever thought of planning your future meals? Well, it sounds like a funny idea. But it will help you in maintaining your health in the long run. Oftentimes, we keep on loading our stomachs with unnecessary foods that do not provide any nourishment to the body. Hence, planning future meals is important.
  • For instance, let us say you have a meeting at 10 in the morning at the office. After that, you are supposed to leave for a client visit and return home at 7 in the evening. Now, you have to plan your next day diet. You begin your day with a handful of almonds and other nuts. Before leaving for the minute, you have a bowl of oats and soya milk. As your client visit involves traveling, you need to have your lunch by 1.30 itself. You can order it in the morning itself. When you return in the morning. Have a fresh fruit juice and some tasty diet crackers. In the night, do not be lethargic and place a dinner meal at the restaurant. You can cook some legumes for yourself or cook brown rice with mixed vegetables and spices. Nothing tasty and healthy like that!
  • In this way, you should be able to plan your meals beforehand. Moreover, you should store the kitchen containers and fridge with necessary ingredients to avoid hassle at the last moment. Go shopping for buying healthy, organic foods and fill your containers. This is because if nothing is available at home when you are hungry, you will end up eating fast food or ordering a pizza. This is to be avoided.

6. Take Sufficient Sleep

  • You need to get adequate sleep of 7-8 hours in the night.
  • However, do not sleep during the day or take long naps in the afternoon.

Let’s know how to get a flat stomach with suitable exercises & some important tips!

Exercise Tips For Getting Flat Stomach

The next step to get cool abs is hitting the gym floor and moving your body up and down. You have to target your stomach muscles and get the requisite workout regime. First of all, iron out the lethargy in your body and get out of the comfort zone. You have to do it! Let’s start with the exercise and get to know how to get a flat stomach!

1. Choose A Suitable Exercise Regime

Workout out doesn’t mean just signing up the gym membership. You have to be consistent in working out daily, at least 15 minutes in a day. Gyms provide the variety of workout regimes for people having large bellies. Since this problem is observed in most of the people, they have come with specially designed workouts to target those core ab muscles. You can have cardio workouts or floor exercises. You need not directly hit the gym machines to get your stomach flat.

You can also perform exercises at home for some time. All you need is a yoga mat and a focused mindset. Of course, some of your precious time out of your super-busy schedule. The different kinds of workouts are as follows.

a. Cardio

Fat burning workouts targeting the stomach.

b. Pilates

They have the different workout for different body parts such as arms, stomach and thighs. You can definitely go for a daily 15-minute stomach workout.

c. Specially Designed Six-pack Ab Workouts

Do not worry. Six-pack work out does not mean that you have to directly work in getting six packs. If you follow a six-pack ab workout, then you can target your belly and get a flat stomach instead.

d. Spinning Cycle

This is a new and interesting workout along with dynamic movements. It not only targets your thighs but also stomach and arms.

e. Running

Yes, if you have time to spend 20-30 minutes for running early morning, then go for it. If you are backing it with a 10-minute ab exercise, then nothing wonderful about it!

f. Floor Exercises

These are simple, yet difficult floor exercises that are designed for your abs. In the beginning, you may feel that you are not able to perform it as expected. For instance, if you are not able to do push-ups, then you can cheat and rest your knees. In that case, you would be still targeting your ab muscles and earning that effect. Thus, instead of avoiding the workout completely, you can do certain modifications instead.

2. Keep Moving Your Body

  • If you are an office employee who has to sit on a chair for 8-9 hours a day, then this is for you. Sitting on a chair for a long time and not moving at all is obstructing your path to get cool abs. Even if you are the workout in the morning, you are remaining stiff and stubborn rest of the day. Our body muscles need movements and have to be stretched after regular intervals.
  • When we do not move our body parts, it leads to certain health issues such as neck pain, back pain, strain on eyes, and other problems. Hence, you have to get up from that chair and walk away from it. For instance, if your printer is located far from your cubicle, then please don’t crib on it and take advantage of it instead. Do not delegate these tasks to your office assistant or office boy. Walk towards the printer to collect your printouts.
  • You can always park your vehicle far from the exit so that you have to walk towards it.
  • If your office is on 10th floor, then skip the elevator. Use staircase. Climbing stairs has an amazing effect on your thighs and stomach muscles.

3. Target Your Whole Body

  • Some people have a large belly as compared to their other body parts. They feel that they should concentrate on stomach muscles and ignore other body parts. Well, how would you look if you have a flat stomach and flabby arms? Quite unpleasant.
  • Hence, you should target your complete body while working out. For example, if you are performing a 15-minute ab workout, then spend 5 minutes for jumping jacks, skipping rope and heel kicks. In this way, your whole body will not only warm up for the exercise regime but your overall stamina will also increase.

Motivational Tips For Getting Flat Stomach

  • Before diet and exercise, comes the self-motivation. You have to be dedicated, committed and consistent in following your diet and exercise regime. Remember, you cannot cheat in fitness. You are the only one who will notice the positive or negative consequences.
  • Adopt a role model. He or she can be a celebrity or even your relative.
  • Find a fitness buddy who also has a large belly and wants to get rid of it.
  • Avoid going for parties, weddings and events where you will be tempted to eat scrumptious foods. Instead, go to healthy veg restaurants. Or simply buy a diet recipes book and cook yourself.
  • Reward yourself suitably when you achieve a milestone. For instance, if your belly size has been reduced by one inch, gift yourself a trip to a spa or a beautiful neck piece. You will be more motivated to workout and eat properly.

Thus, it is not a ‘mission impossible’ task to get flat stomach. You need to have a lot of self-control and self-motivation for achieving the said target. You have to adopt certain daily rituals, lifestyle decisions and healthy habits in your life. These tips will not only help you in how to get a flat stomach but will also ensure overall health.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo Is The Craziest Of Them All

If you want a custom supercar that turns heads, is bound to be a collectible and combines performance with some of the finest craftsmanship in the industry, you can't go wrong with Pagani.

Although the Italian automaker is focusing most of its efforts on the Huayra BC and Huayra Roadster, it continues to churn out one-off Zonda 760 models and the latest goes by the name of Fantasma Evo.

Unlike the other 760 models in the limited-run Zonda series, the Fantasma Evo didn't always looks like it currently does. It originally left the firm's factory in 2005 as the first right-hand drive Zonda F built. In 2012, it was destroyed in a high speed crash in Hong Kong and swiftly sent back to Pagani where it was originally turned into the Fantasma.

A couple of years later, it returned once again to Italy and made even crazier, hence the Evo name. Among the modifications include a full dark red carbon fiber body, red pinstripes, a new hood and an overhauled rear end that includes a larger-than-life wing.

As with the other Zonda 760 models, the car features a naturally-aspirated 7.3-liter AMG V12 engine delivering 760 hp.

The electric revolution is coming to freighters and cruise ships

"One of the most ancient forms of transportation is joining the 21st century.

Cruise ship, ferry, and cargo ship-builders are developing hybrid and electric ships to reduce reliance on fuels like diesel and heavy fuel oil that power most large vessels. 
The pollution left in their wake has been tied to premature deaths and health problems in some of the world’s busiest ports.

But builders and operators are starting to turn to electric and hybrid ships as an alternative..."

The electric revolution is coming to freighters and cruise ships

Apple axes iPod nano and shuffle

Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivers a keynote address in front of an image of the new iPod Nano during an Apple media event September 12, 2006 in San Francisco, California. Jobs announced new iPods and video downloads from iTunes as well as a sneak peek at a device tenatively called iTV which allows you to channel iTunes to your television and is expected out in early 2007. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Touch became the last iPod standing on Thursday as Apple removed nano and shuffle stand-alone digital music players from its lineup.

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the devices some 12 years ago with his legendary showmanship flare, and the small, easy to operate players helped the company revolutionize how music was sold.

Apple confirmed to AFP that it is no longer selling nano and shuffle, and the MP3 players vanished from the Apple website.

“Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano,” the company said in an email.

Industry trackers and California-based Apple itself have long acknowledged that the do-it-all iPhone would eat away at sales of one-trick devices such as iPod MP3 players, so the farewell was met more with nostalgia than surprise.

The trend toward streaming music services, including the launch of one by Apple, has made devices designed just for carrying digital tunes around less enticing for consumers.

Shuffle devices about the size of matchbooks and featuring click-wheels for control but no screens debuted in early 2005, with Jobs touting that they let people carry broad libraries of music right in their pockets.

The small gadgets became popular with runners and others involved in physically active endeavors due to the ease with which they could be toted.

The iPod nano also hit the market in 2005, featuring click wheels and screens that improved the ability to select songs. Nano devices evolved with subsequent models, leading to one with a multi-touch screen and the look of an iPhone.

Neither the shuffle nor the nano linked to the internet, instead relying on downloading music from Apple online shop iTunes through computers.

Three years ago Apple discontinued the last version of the original iPod Classic, introduced in October of 2001.

The remaining products in the line are iPod touch models boasting much larger storage capacity and the ability to link wirelessly to internet hotspots for online content such as music streamed from services such as Apple Music.

Google to train 10 million Africans

•Commits $20m to Africa’s development
Search giant, Google, has mapped out plans to get 10 million people in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) trained, and have access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) facilities in the next five years.

This is aside the special provision of mobile developer training to 100,000 Africans to develop world-class apps, with an initial focus on Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Google global Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sundar Pichai, disclosed these plans at the Google for Nigeria event in Lagos, yesterday.

Pichai further said the firm’s charitable arm,, is committing $20 million over the next five years to nonprofits that are working to improve lives across Africa.

“We’re giving $2.5 million in initial grants to the non-profit arms of African start-ups, Gidi Mobile, and Siyavula, to provide free access to learning for 400,000 low-income students in South Africa and Nigeria. The grantees will also develop new digital learning materials that will be free for anyone to use.

“We also want to invite nonprofits from across the continent to share their ideas for how they could impact their community and beyond. So we’re launching a Impact Challenge in Africa in 2018 to award $5million in grants. Any eligible non-profit in Africa can apply, and anyone will be able to help select the best ideas by voting online,” Pichai stated.

The Google CEO said the ICT firm wants to do more to support African entrepreneurs in building successful technology companies and products.

According to him, based on Google’s global Launch-pad Accelerator programme, this initiative will provide more than $3million in equity-free funding, mentorship, working space and access to expert advisers to more than 60 African start-ups over three years. Intensive three-month programs, held twice per year, will run out of a new Google Launchpad Space in Lagos—the programme’s first location outside of the United States.

“For people to take advantage of digital opportunities, acquiring the right skills and tools is only part of the equation. Online products and services—including ours—also need to work better in Africa. Today, we’re sharing news about how we’re making YouTube, Search and Maps more useful and relevant for Nigerian users,” he stated.

He revealed that Lagos is now on Street View in Google Maps. Also, the firm has improved its address search experience in Lagos, by adding thousands of new addresses and streets, outlines of more than a million buildings in commercial and residential areas, and more than 100,000 additional Nigerian small businesses on Google Maps.

“Today we’re launching Lagos on Street View, with 10,000 kilometres of imagery, including the most important historic roads in the city. You can virtually drive along the Carter Bridge to the National Stadium, or across the Eko Bridge, down to the Marina—all on your smartphone.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Government said it will avail itself of the opportunity being provided by global organisations like Google, to train the teaming technology savvy youths in various ICT capacity development deployed by Google. This, it said, will further open up the accessibility of turning around the nation’s economy and making ICT the main stay.

Communications Minister, Adebayo Shittu, in a goodwill message at the event, said Nigeria as a nation has so much more to learn and gain from the digital revolution being championed by Google.
The minister commending the commitment of Google Nigeria to implementing ambitious reforms and bringing about macroeconomic stability in the context of the country’s ongoing Smart Digital Nigeria transition process, saying such efforts are bearing tangible results, and have laid the foundation for a credible path to fiscal sustainability and collaboration.

He added that Google, being one of the tech giants in computing and the web has been at the centre of this digital penetration, with the popularity of its open platforms, powering lots of smartphones with android and other digital tools.

“A lot has changed in Nigeria since the huge wave of Internet and mobile adoption globally. Today, access to smart phones and the web is growing. Indeed, there are about 149 million mobile subscribers and 97 million internet users, 76 per cent of them can access the internet on their phones.

Top Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Women Over 40!

Moving into 40s marks a big change in women’s lives. The body starts showing signs of abuse and it can take it no longer. If the physical status is bad enough, so is the mental state. Mid-life crisis catches on and women have stress managing grown up children as well as aging parents. Added to this they could have work pressures too. The scenario need not get so bad if we are aware of it and take preventive measures. These health tips for women over 40 need to become part and parcel with aging.

Health Tips For Women Over 40

Why Does The Body Slow Down?

  • One of the causes could be genetics. If your mother or sister has breast cancer you will also be prone to it. This doesn’t mean you will get it. But the chances of getting it are high if you have some bad lifestyle habits.
  • Hormonal imbalances show up. The woman typically reaches menopause at around 51 years that is when she stops getting her periods. But nearly 10 years before that she might go through disturbing symptoms of perimenopause. This includes irregular periods, heavy or light flow of periods, dizziness, irritation, depression, hot flushes and weight gain to name a few.
  • The bones weaken because of muscle loss. The woman might have to take supplements like calcium and vitamin D to ensure that there are no major skeletal issues. Otherwise falling down and breaking bones with fractures might prove to be very costly.
  • Pelvic muscles can also weaken causing urination problems. There could be urine incontinence which is beyond the woman’s control.
  • The metabolism slows down. You will find that what you eat and digest earlier may not be so after the 40s.
  • The eyesight also gets affected. People in their 40s realize that their eye sight has changed to a large extent. They need to invest in bifocals to handle both near sightedness and far sightedness issues.
Basically, you get to see sudden signs of body aging. Though you suddenly age, mentally it becomes very disturbing and you need to start accepting the changes that are shown up in the body. Hence it becomes very important to be positive and implement life style changes which will help you with your normal life without any problems and need for hospital visits. Hence we bring health tips for women over 40.

Health Tips For Women Over 40

There are a number of lifestyle habits women need to incorporate in their lives to maintain a healthy life. Here we will see some health tips for women over 40.

1. Eat Healthy

As you age you cannot take your digestive system for granted. Your resting metabolism slows down and food doesn’t get easily digested like before. Hence it is important to eat a balanced meal without any processed food. Hydrate yourself by drinking sufficient amount of water too. Since you are aging and your activities are likely to change, you need to eat appropriately. Eating fewer calories will help in keeping the fat away and you trim and slim. Your meals should contain more of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and food supplements like vitamin D and calcium.

2. Exercise

Having to do a regular exercise or activity becomes compulsory to keep you fit. Your body should be in motion and say no to a sedentary lifestyle.  A burst of physical activity has a lot of benefits. It increases your body immunity, brings in a feeling of goodness, gets your mood upbeat, makes you sleep better and also keeps your stress in check. Doing some strength training or aerobic exercises build muscle mass, keeps weight under check and prevents you from getting any chronic illnesses like diabetes or hypertension.

3. Maintain Your Beauty

Age shows up in more ways than one. This is especially true on the body and the skin. Baggy eyes, wrinkles on your face, palms and feet and furrow between your eyelids could be some of the visual indications. To get your skin taut and supple you need to take care of it. Drinking enough water regularly and eating foods high in antioxidants will help in this. Remove dead skin by exfoliating it with moisturizers. Use products which contain ingredients like C010, vitamins A, C and E. Shield your skin from harsh sunlight. Loosing scalp hair is also seen with aging. Eating nutritious food along with leading a stress-free life will reduce this to a large extent. Avoid use of chemical based creams and beauty treatments which will make your skin look good on the outside but cause harm inside the body.

4. Control Stress

It is a known fact that when you are under stress your breathing rhythm is different and causes less flow of oxygen to the cells. When the mind is calm the heart beats fast when inhaling and slow when exhaling. Stress changes this scenario.  Thus blood pressure rises; there is less oxygen to the brain and cells. Try deep breathing exercises when under stress. This enables more flow of oxygen within the body and neutralizes the bad effects. It relaxes the heart muscles, gastrointestinal tract and the air passages.

5. Increase Your Social Circles

Communications and relationships play a major role in keeping you happy and have a good feeling. Thus married women should enjoy the relationship they share with their spouse. This is typically the time when kids have grown up teens and need less of you. Thus the hard toiling physically laborious days are over. It is now more of mental support that your children will need now. You and husband know each other very well by now. There could be a lot of expectations and disappointments which you may need to tackle with tact. Thus being mentally strong and having good friends circle matters a lot. Sharing your issues with others and getting advice from others will surely help you out with your lifestyle problems.

Thus when you are fed up with domestic problems you could enjoy good times with your friends and cheer up. This would enable you to tackle your domestic issues comfortably.

6. Doing Things For Yourself

Now that most of the people who matter to you, that is your parents, spouse and children have settled down its time you spent doing something for yourself. Engage in the activity that pleases you and makes you happy. It could be a job of your liking, social service, teaching, exercising etc. The woman is pivotal for any household. If she is happy the whole household is happy. Thus the woman’s mental state influences everything and everyone in the house.

7. Get Essential Health Checkups Done

Till now you would have enjoyed a carefree life without thinking much about your health. From now onwards you will need to track your health closely to ensure that you are not in for any surprises. Thus it becomes important to go for regular health checkups and take appropriate action. Being on track early will surely help to age gracefully and enjoy every bit of life. This is much against leading a poor quality of life due to health reasons. You could schedule an appointment with your doctor and check up what tests need to be done and how often.

8. Increase Your Protein Intake

Increase your quantity of protein in taking. Proteins boost the neurotransmitters in the brain. This slows down age related memory issues, depression and mood swings. Ensure that every meal has some amount of protein. Do not ignore your carbohydrates too. They also need to be taken in proper quantity for normal brain functioning.

9. Avoid Bad Habits

Days of not seeing effects of your bad habits are over. No more can you smoke heavily and expect it to pass off without any health implication. It is so with alcohol too. Thus you may have to relook at these habits of yours and give them up if you want to invest in healthy life from now onwards.

10. Have A Good Night’s Sleep

You will soon find out that you cannot compromise on sleep anymore. Keeping awake late into the night will tell tales the next morning. Eyes will be puffy and you will feel groggy too. Energy levels will take the toll. Hence a good night’s sleep is very important and you cannot do away with it.

11. Care Of Back, Feet And Hands

Back needs special care as your age. You cannot randomly pick up heavy things or twist and turn your body in any fashion. One wrong thing and your muscles will cry. You will end up experiencing pain due to sprains, fractures etc. Breaking your bones is even terrifying as you age. Fractures take a long time to heal and repair. Back injuries also take a long time to heal. You should take special care of your feet during the winters. The soles and palms can have cracks due to dry weather.

12. Dress Appropriately

You need to have a mindful wardrobe as you age. You should not wear clothes that you cannot carry off and which don’t look good on you. It is important to look graceful and elegant. This dress according to what suits your body. You need to accept your age and dress accordingly.


Everyone has to pass the stage of going through the 40s. It is not frightening but needs more alertness and care on your part. If you do things right it will surely be a breeze and life will be enjoyable.

Amazing Power Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure Naturally!

If you have recently been identified to have high blood pressure, you may be constantly looking for ways to bring it down. Needless to say, you are advised with numerous medications to control and foods that help lower blood pressure. Have you ever wondered how to lower blood pressure naturally

Did you know that there are foods that help lower blood pressure? Yes, lifestyle and diet plays a major role in treating high blood pressure. If you adopt a balanced diet, you can control and reduce blood pressure. In the longer run, you can also decrease the need to take medications for blood pressure.

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

What is High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure, medically known as Hypertension is the pressure exerted by the blood on the artery walls. High blood pressure can lead to kidney diseases, stroke, and heart disorders.

Causes of High Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the measure of the blood force against the walls of the blood vessel. There are several factors that can play a role in causing blood pressure. Some of them include
  • Lack of Physical Activity
  • Overweight or obese
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Excess alcohol intake
  • Excess salt in diet
  • Family history
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Kidney diseases
  • Thyroid and adrenal disorders

Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure

If you want to slowly bring down your consumption of medications, there are certain foods that help lower blood pressure. If you are trying to reduce blood pressure, you can begin by incorporating these foods into your diet regularly. The main foods that help lower blood pressure are:

1. Papaya

Papaya gives tough competition to oranges in its content of Vitamin C, Potassium and Amino Acids. The potassium and amino acid content of papaya helps maintain a good health of the heart and helps reduce blood pressure levels naturally. Consider having them plain or with your breakfast cereal. You can also mash papaya along with honey into your favourite smoothie.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one among the foods that help lower blood pressure naturally. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene that is mainly responsible for reducing blood pressure. Tomatoes also plays a role in preventing diabetes and premature ageing. When you consume them its best to eat them raw without too much cooking or processing. Consider having them plain and do not mix them with ingredients such as cheese, other sauces or on pizzas.

3. Potatoes

The first thing that comes to the mind about potatoes is that it is a high carb high starch vegetable. You may be surprised to know that potatoes top the list of foods that help lower blood pressure. Potatoes are rich in “Kukoamine” that greatly reduces blood pressure. Having potatoes in reasonable amounts does good to your heart and blood pressure.

4. Oatmeal

We all have endlessly heard how good oatmeal is for us. If you are worried about your blood pressure levels and want to wean off from the medications soon, you can do so by incorporating oatmeal regularly into your diet. Oatmeal is considered to be among the best foods that help lower high blood pressure. Having one bowl every morning will make a huge difference. Avoid adding sugars and consuming flavoured oats as these contain artificial ingredients and will negate the beneficial properties.

5. Beans

Greens are rich in Vitamin C and are simply the best foods that help lower blood pressure. Green beans are rich in fibre, Vitamin C, and Potassium that has a direct effect on lowering blood pressure. Consume green beans in the most simple way by cooking them or adding them in salads. Do not consume them with butter, as this will increase your cholesterol. Try having green beans with almonds to make it healthier.

6. Yogurt

Low fat dairy yoghurt is the best among the list of foods that lower blood pressure. Yoghurt is rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium which helps knock down your blood pressure. As long as you keep the fat content low, the effects will be positive. Always consume yoghurt that is unflavoured, unsweetened and fat-free.

7. Green Peas

Peas are the wonder vegetables that help ward off high blood pressure instantly. Green peas are rich in vegetable protein, folic acid, and other vitamins that provide support to the cardiovascular system. Avoid consuming frozen varieties and buy organic and fresh peas instead.

8. Celery

Celery is one among the wonder foods that help lower blood pressure. Celery helps in appropriate functioning of the heart thereby keeping the blood pressure in check. It also works to maintain a good balance of blood pressure levels. Consuming celery also helps you reduce weight, which is a major cause for high blood pressure. Losing and maintaining a healthy weight plays a direct role in controlling blood pressure.

9. Guavas

Guavas are super fruits that are rich in fibre and potassium. Due to its high potassium content, this fruit helps majorly control and reduce blood pressure levels. As its rich in fibre, it also keeps the gut and digestive system healthy and helps in weight loss too. You can have guava plain or in the form of juice. You can also consider adding them in your favourite fruit salad. Have them before lunch or dinner for best results.

10. Kiwis

These dazzling little green fruits are not just delicious to eat, but are also known to be one of the best foods that naturally lower blood pressure. Kiwis are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that keep your heart healthy and help reduce blood pressure. Since kiwis are expensive fruits, consider having only 1 or 2 a day. Add them into your diet and consume them along with other foods that help reduce blood pressure.

11. Berries

Berries such as raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are rich in compounds called flavonoids. These flavonoids are known to prevent hypertension and treat blood pressure. Berries can be easily included in your diet and relished with any meal. You can put them along with milk or cereal at breakfast, or have them soon after lunch or dinner.

12. Beetroots

Did you know that beetroots are one among the super foods that lower high blood pressure?

Beetroots are rich in nitric oxide that open up blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Research has proved that the nitrates content lowers blood pressure. You can consume beets either in raw or cooked form. You can also roast them and have it along with stews. You can extract its juice and have them every morning along with breakfast. You can also bake them to make it taste more interesting.

13. Omega-3s Rich Fish

If you are making a list of foods that lower blood pressure, the fish rich in Omega-3s must top the list. Fish is a great source of protein. Fatty fish like Salmon and Mackerel are rich in Omega-3s that lower triglycerides, decrease inflammation, and reduce blood pressure. Additionally, Fish contains Vitamin D which plays an important role in decreasing blood pressure. Fish is easy to cook and prepare. To make it taste more interesting, place a piece of mackerel or salmon on paper and season it with lemon, olive oil and herbs. After this you can bake it in a preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes.

14. Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that no one can dislike. You simply cannot get enough of this fruit especially when you know how good it is for you. Watermelons are rich in L-Citrulline that relaxes the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Consider eating watermelon every morning after your breakfast. Watermelons are no longer just a summer treat.

15. Carrots

There is a great deal of fuss about carrots being good for your eyes due to its high Vitamin A content. Did you know that carrots are one among the best foods that help lower blood pressure? Yes, carrots are rich in anti-oxidants and potassium which play a role in maintaining and regulating blood pressure. You can consume carrots either raw or cooked. Consider investing in a juicer-blender, so that you can enjoy fresh carrot juice every morning.

16. Avocados

Avocados are wonder fruits that silently kill high blood pressure. Avocados are rich in fibre, potassium, and monounsaturated fats. Consuming avocados regularly has known to have long term effects in lowering blood pressure. Avocados are very easy to eat.  You can eat them plain or complement them with your daily meals. You can also use it as a dressing on a salad or pasta. Avocados are best snacks between meals as due to the fat content they make you feel fuller for longer durations.

17. Bananas

If you love eating bananas, then here is some good news for you. Bananas are one of the best foods that help lower blood pressure naturally. Bananas are rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. All these minerals are important as you require them daily in your diet. Eating bananas regularly help lower blood pressure levels to a great extent. You can have bananas plain or mash them into a smoothie.

18. Kale

Kale is a super food that is rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium that you require every day. Kale are low in calories, rich in anti-oxidants and have a high content of alpha-linolenic acid that reduces inflammation and decreases pressure on the arteries thereby lowering blood pressure. You can have Kale raw or cooked and use them as a great alternative in salads.

19. Dark Chocolate

You may be surprised to know this, but dark chocolate is one among the best foods that help lower blood pressure. A recent study has indicated that consumption of dark chocolate reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Dark chocolate is also known to show significant results in lowering blood pressure. Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa and contains less sugar, hence it is healthier to eat them than regular chocolates. You can eat dark chocolate with yogurt or berries such as blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. Dark Chocolate is a healthy desert options for those suffering from high blood pressure.

20. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are super fruits that you can have raw or consume in the form of juice. Drinking one cup of pomegranate juice once a day regularly for 4 weeks helps reduce blood pressure drastically. Make fresh pomegranate juice at home and avoid buying them from outside as processed juice contain high sugar content and artificial sweeteners. Consider eating pomegranates every morning after breakfast for best results.

Lifestyle Changes to Lower Blood Pressure

Lifestyle plays a major role in treating and controlling high blood pressure. Following are some simple lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your daily life.

1. Lose Weight

One of the main causes of high blood pressure is being overweight or obese. Overweight can also cause sleep apnea that further increases your blood pressure. Shedding those extra kilos and losing weight is one of the key lifestyle changes that will help you treat ding those extra kilos and losing weighand lower blood pressure.

2. Exercise

Be physically active and fit is essential for a healthy lifestyle. At least 30 minutes of walk every day can reduce your blood pressure by about 4 to 8 mm Hg. Some of the other simple exercises include jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing and aerobics.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet rich in grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products helps reduce blood pressure. Consider having foods rich potassium as they significantly help reduce blood pressure.

4. Reduce Sodium

Reducing sodium in your regular diet can greatly reduce blood pressure up to 2 to 4 mm HG.

5. Limit Alcohol

Reducing alcohol intake can significantly reduce blood pressure in the longer run. Drinking moderate amounts is ok, but if you are addicted to it this is the high time you limit your alcohol intake.
Through a heart friendly diet, you can greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. By maintaining a proper balance between sodium and potassium intake in your diet, you can control and treat blood pressure effectively. Taking medications for high blood pressure only control blood pressure. But if you want to wean off medications and reduce blood pressure naturally in the longer run, incorporating the above-mentioned foods and lifestyle habits for better results. Say goodbye to high blood pressure with these heart friendly foods!


List of Low Sodium Foods That Everyone Must know!

Today, we present to you some interesting facts about sodium and the list of low sodium foods that must be included in your regular diet. So, you can lead to the fit and healthy life.

Interesting Facts About Sodium You Did Not Know About!

  • Sodium and its compounds are used for food preservation.
  • Critical for blood pressure regulation and appropriate functioning of the nervous system.
  • Sodium in isolated form alone is explosive in nature. Only when combined with chlorine, it becomes table salt.
  • Sodium compounds are used in detergents and cosmetics.
  • Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate was used to pack mummies by the ancient Egyptians.

Low Sodium Foods

Sugar is not your only enemy. Too much salt in the form of sodium too can be dangerous to your body. Earlier research had indicated that too much salt can affect the nervous system and increase blood pressure. You may be wondering that humans have used salt only as food seasoning and as a method of preservation. However, adequate sodium salt is also required for the appropriate functioning of the body.

However, when the sodium levels in the body increases it affects the nervous system, cardiovascular function, renal function, and increases blood pressure. Hence, it is very important to ensure an appropriate balance of soidum in the body. Since sodium is already present in adequate amounts in our body, it is essential to regulate sodium intake by consuming low sodium foods that help maintain an appropriate balance.

Importance of Sodium in the Body

Sodium is a mineral in the body that carries an electric charge and is often referred to as an “electrolyte”. The body balances the sodium levels in the body through various biological processes. Sodium is transported through water in the body. If the concentration of sodium in the tissue increases, the fluid in the body also increases. Hence, the sodium content is responsible for controlling the fluid concentration in the body. This mechanism ensures that the tissues and cells do not shrink or swell.

Sodium plays an important role in the following functions of the body.

1. Fluid Distribution

Since sodium ions carry a positive electric charge, they easily dissolve in fluids like water. Since water trasnports sodium in the body, there is a direct influence of sodium concentration on the fluid distribution. Sodium concentration plays an important role in the distribution of fluids in the body.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure

The concentration of sodium also helps distribution of fluids in blood vessels and plays a major role in controlling blood pressure. Adequate amounts of sodium in the body keeps blood pressure in check. A higher sodium intake can cause more water retention in the blood vessels thus raising blood pressure.

3. Cellular Activity

Sodium also acts as the carrier and transports minerals out of and into cells. The concentration of sodium is higher outside than inside, hence soidum flows into the cells. The flow is enabled when protein channels on the surface of the cell open up to facilitate sodium transfer into the cells. This force brings along all the minerals along with sodium into the cell.

4. Electrical Activity

The inflow and outflow of potassium and sodium in the cells creates an gradient. This electric activity is important  for communication among the cells especially muscle and nerve cells. Nerve cells use these electric signals to send signals and muscle cells send the signals for contraction. The rhythmic beating of the heart is also coordinated by the flow of electrolytes.

Recommended Healthy Sodium Intake

The average recommended sodium intake for an individual is around 2,000 to 2, 300mg of sodium per day. Those suffering from cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure are advised 1,500 to 2,000mg per day. In fact the American Heart Association recommends a limit of 1,500mg of sodium per day.

List Of Low Sodium Foods That Must Be Included In Your Diet

Limiting sodium intake in food is essential for disease prevention. Including low sodium foods help regulate the sodium concentration in the body. Following are a list of foods low in sodium and must be incorporated in your daily diet.

1. Banana Nut Oatmeal

Welcome a pleasant morning with a healthy twist that is a great option for low sodium foods. Oatmeal packed with cinnamon, nuts, and bananas is a healthy breakfast that has 0mg of sodium, no cholesterol, 9gm of fiber and 310 calories. Bananas are also rich in potassium that is known to decrease blood pressure.

2. Granola

Granola is one of the cereals that top the low sodium foods list.  These healthy cereals keep you full for longer periods of time and contains 22mg of sodium per 1 cup of serving. Each serving also contains 3g of protein and 3g of fiber. Give yourself a healthy start to the the day with this nutty-filled breakfast that is super easy to make.

3. Potato Hash Browns

For all those who love potato hash browns, there is good news for you! Potatoes are low in sodium and the perfect vegetable that can be included in your daily diet. 1 potato consists of about 97mg of sodium, 97 calories and 1g of fat. One of the healthiest way to consume potatoes are in the form of Crispy Potato Hash Brown that eliminates the traditional usage of oil for frying and use high heat in an oven with cooking spray.

4. Apple and Pecan Salad

This tangy and sweet salad is one of the best foods low in sodium. Pecan topping and apple with an oil based dressing provides heart healthy fats and contain just about 300 calories per serving. This delicious salad contains a very low concentration of about 28mg of sodium per serving.

5. Ricotta, Beet, and Orange Salad

This colorful salad is not just beautiful to look, but also a substitute for a healthy meal. Ricotta, Beet, and Orange offer about 94g of protein, 3g of fiber, and 132 calories per serving. Salty and sweet, this healthy meal is very low in sodium containing just about 88mg per serving. Simply put these wonderful ingredients together to enjoy this delicious and healthy meal.

6. Shrimps

Shrimps top the low sodium foods list as they have a very little concentration of about 30mg per serving. Modify the traditional shrimps with citrus fruits, coriander leaves, and olive oil as the dressing. This snack will serve as the perfect appetizer before your meal. Each serving contains about 5gm of fiber, 4gm of protein, and about 121 calories.

7. Tomatoes

Noone loves the taste traditional tomatoes. But did you know that these wonderful veggies are very low in sodium content. 1 tomato contains just about 65mg of sodium. Turn your boring tomatoes into a delicious crunchy snack by baking them. You can use pankos as breads to have along with baked tomatoes. You will get just the right kind of salt kick that you get when you eat fried food, but minus the sodium.

8. White Beans and Garlic

Do like the chips and dip kind of snacks? You may be surprised to know that the traditional white beans and garlic can be easily turned into your favourite chips and dip snacks. Cook or bake white beans and for the dip use lemon juice and garlic. White beans and garlic are low sodium foods and each serving contains just about 94mg of sodium. This delicious snack is packed with 4g of fiber and 7g of protein.

9. Asparagus

Asparagus is not just rich in Vitamin K but contains very little sodium too. Asparagus can be used as a topping on your favourite pasta. This filling dish will keep you full for a longer period of time. Each serving of asparagus contains about 179 calories, 5g of protein, 2g of fiber and about 106mg of sodium.

10. Steak and Melons

This sweet and savoury, cold and hot combination are the perfect low sodium foods that you can incorporate in your healthy diet. Bake or steam cook your favourite steak and have it along with melons. Each serving contains about 117mg of sodium, 15g of protein and about 181 calories.

11. Roasted Turkey

Little do we wonder that turkey can be categorized as a low sodium food. Yes about 6 ounces of turkey meat contains just as low as 121mg of sodium.  Turkey is also rich in protein containing about 51g and 280 calories per 6 ounces of meat. Roast your turkey and serve it along with fresh herbs to meet your nutritional requirements.

12. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is every person’s favourite and yes they are sodium friendly too. Bake grapefruit into cupcakes and have them as a mid-snack treat every time you feel hungry. These snacks are tasty, healthy, and very low in sodium. A handful of grapefruits contains just about 76mg of sodium and 116 calories. You can top up these yummy cupcakes with Greek yogurt to add in protein.

13. Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the wonder foods low in sodium. Turn strawberries into a delicious cocktail along with citrus fruits and enjoy them as refreshing mid-meal drink. A handful of strawberries contain 18mg of sodium, fiber and protein. Enjoy this low sodium fat-free drink every time you feel thirsty.

14. Basil Water and Watermelon

This delicious summer drink is a perfect add in if you are on a low sodium diet. Mash watermelons along with basil water to have them along with your meal. Containing just about 143 calories per glass, this drink is perfect for those fitness freaks.

15. Spinach, Avocado, Carrot, and Flaxseed Juice

This wonder salad smoothie tops the low sodium foods list and is a wonderful drink to start your morning. One glass of this juice contains about 58mg of sodium, 10g of fiber, and 5mg of iron.

Who Can Benefit From A Low Sodium Foods?

Practically, everyone can benefit from a low sodium diet. The body requires only about a quarter of teaspoon sodium per day in order to function properly. Anything more than this can cause severe health consequences. People suffering from high blood pressure, kidney diseases, and cardiovascular disorders greatly benefit from a low sodium diet. Studies have shown that lowering sodium intake can reduce blood pressure, cure kindey diseases, and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders.

Tips to Reduce Sodium Intake

The obvious and easiest way people can drastically reduce salt intake is not add salt in the food. But this is a challenging task to do. The total reduction in salt can make the body feel weak and exhausted. Some of the tips to gradually reduce sodium intake are-
  • Lead nutrition labels on products you buy from grocery stores. These nutrition labels will give you a clear idea of how much salt is present in the particular food.
  • Always choose natural and whole foods such as fresh fruits, veggies, cereals, and grains.
  • Keep a food journal of the daily food you have consumed and how much salt you have added in each. This will help you stay within the recommended dosage of sodium.
  • Avoid using salt substitutes without talking to an expert. These salt substitutes contain potassium and too much potassium can cause problems in the kidney and heart.
  • Avoid eating too much food outside and resort to cooking and eating healthy at home.
  • When you purchase canned foods, avoid the ones that have added sugar or any salt seasoning. Always rinse canned food to remove any salt residue before having them.

How Low Can You Go?

Although most benefit from taking low sodium food, there is always a lower limit. Too low sodium can also have serious health implications. Those already suffering from low blood pressure, or kidney disorders need to consult their physicians for a recommended sodium intake before going on a low sodium diet. Also, those who are under medications such as corticosteroids that already shed sodium levels in the body, should not go on a low sodium diet as this would further dip the sodium levels in the body.

Some sodium is essential to maintain healthy body functions. Hence, always remember to do everything under a certain limit. Too much or too less both may impose harm to your body. Keep in mind the recommended dosage of sodium and follow a diet according to that. Always consult a doctor if you have any doubts in mind


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