Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Online decor mall homeWox.ng debuts in Nigeria

The number of online malls operating in Nigeria increased recently with the debut of HomeWox.ng, an emergent one-stop online mega mall on a mission to offer Nigerians the largest selection of home related products, across all styles and budgets as well as a dynamic brand experience.

The online mall’s collection of large and still growing array sale’s partnerships within various segments/sections of the home and offices is driven by the core objective of availing its existing and potential customers the broadest possible range of alternatives for the various segments of the home and office beautification and transformation.

The essence of the brand is hinged on its focus on the long term relationship building with its clients and sales partnerships, whilst leveraging on technology and real time feedback to ensure value identification, creation and delivery to its broad spectrum of stakeholders.

Whilst acknowledging the varied challenges to start up’s in Nigeria especially within the e-commerce industry such as payment solutions, trust deficit, logistics and inadequate governmental regulations, the promoters of the mall says they are however unperturbed and quite optimistic that organizations such theirs with focus, right leadership and willingness to roll up their sleeves to work, will eventually come out tops.

On the flip side, however, the organisation opines, it is the clients and customers who are the all round winners because, at times as these, margins become razor thin in the light of the competition for market share, especially coming up against some relatively established names in the industry.

Nevertheless, these factors in themselves drive homewox.ng’s positive outlook on the industry because environments like these inadvertently breed creativity in strategies for survival.

With all the foregoing, owners of Homewox.ng believe in organic growth and a strong commitment to the long term.

According to them, “we are here to stay to provide all our clients and other stakeholders in the matrix a new opportunity in these interesting times in the Nigerian e-commerce industry”.

The next time you think home beautification, extra feature add-on, or you simply want to buy something really good for your home and Office, think www.homewox.ng

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