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6 Types of Blog Posts to Get You More Traffic

There have been so many incidences where I was stuck in the thought of what blog post to write and in what way I can help and entertain my readers. After a ton of research, I put together 6 types of posts to get more traffic to your website and benefit your audience. At the end of the post, you can download some FREE blog post heading templates!

6 types of blog posts to get you more traffic Boost your traffic by blogging| Just Arpi

Useful Guides

Write blog posts that can be used as guides and something that you audience can refer back to all the time. These types of blogs are evergreen and make you stand in a place of authority with your readership.

I bookmark so many of such blog posts that are super informative and have a ton of content.

List guides: These type of blog posts are to the point, this is what makes them great posts, cause they are to the point and are super informative. You can create lists on the top tools, books, resources or software as you use for your business or list of anything that will suit your target audience or niche.

Checklist posts: These kinds of posts are a hit these days because they are easy to grasp and can be printed easily as well.

How-to Posts: These posts are quick to write and are a saving grace for many bloggers. They can be simple tutorials or just a small post on how you run certain aspects of your business. They let your readers know that you know what you preach.

Series Post: Series post are also a nice way to let your readers know that you super generous and helpful at the same time. By doing series post you can write elaborately on a specific topic and space it out for each day of the week. 

Case Study Posts: The term “Case Study” gives an impression that you have done your research and the “been-there-done-that” kinda vibe. You can add videos, PDFs and audio lectures in a post like this. You can outline and unveil a project, event or something that was work in progress for the past month or two. 

Being Human

I think every blogger should have a post that touches this area. These posts really should the person you are behind the blog and lets your audience know that you have a mind of your own.

Inspiration Posts: Some of the most popular posts on the web are inspirational posts. There are millions of people in the world who look for inspiration in every place, no wonder it is the most popular type of post.

Behind-the-Scenes Post: If you are an artist blogger, designer blogger or even an event manager and have a few loyal followers, they would LOVE to see what happens behind the computer and beyond.

Holiday post: Some websites and blogs go nuts on these special days and some take it slow by just wishing their audience and giving them a discount on their services, either way this is a nice way to be engaged with your audience.

Personal experience post: Just let your guard down and let your audience know your story and invite them into your life. The type of posts are written in a heart felt way and go really deep with your audience.

Tag post: You can do posts on 50 facts about me or TMI tag or [think of some youtube tag videos, do research]

Be Generous

One of the best and the easiest ways to grow your online business in by being generous and giving to your audience. I always follow the “GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE and the ASK” Rule. Always remember, when you promote others, they will promote you!

Profile Post: Write about some influential person in your niche, write about the services they offer that will benefit your audience. But do not forget to let them know that you wrote a post about them and their services, this way they can share about it on their social media as well.

Quote Post: Everyone loves a quotes post, Put together some quotes of the most influential business people and make it into a post. Just make sure that it has a theme across them, like business quotes, social media quotes, happy quotes, etc.

Interview Posts: There is a surprising fact that even the most influential person is willing to give an interview to a blog that has very little audience. try it and see the jaw-dropping response you get from your favourite people on the web. 

People to follow post: write about the top people you follow on social media or are subscribed to their email list. Describe why you follow them and what makes them your favourite and link their social media and website to the post.


Most companies use their blog as a way to promote their business online and it can work if you use it in the right way. I personally think the more you blog, the more you let your audience know that you are well established in your niche.

Comparison Posts: Write a post that compares your products and services or even the products you use or products you started using. Here is a juicy scoop, If you want your audience to know that you are genuine and trustworthy, include the cases where your product is not the best solution for a certain kind of audience. 

Product Update Posts: If you have a huge fan following, you should consider doing this post. you will be surprised at how well your audience would react to the post and all the new features/products you are offering!

Best of posts: Make a list of all the popular posts from your top five categories and put it in a single blog post. 

Project Showcase Post: This is a must-have post for anyone who is an artist, If you are a designer, developer or anyone who creates stuff for a living, you must have a post like this. 

Business Update post: Write updates on your business and how you are doing things that revolve around your business. 


Controversies and scandals are magnets when it comes to the online world. Take a certain topic which fits your brand and image and write on it. Just a note of caution, you might have some super weird comments on such posts.

What If post: This type of post revolves around what would have happened it…certain things were different. Such posts can be successful only if you choose a popular topic and on how you write the post by making it dramatic, interesting and debatable.

Debate post: Use your blog to have a platform to debate one’s opinion. You present one side of the topic and leave it to the comments or you find someone who disagrees with something that you agree with and present both sides of the argument.

Prediction post: If you are taking a debatable approach towards a topic, a prediction post is a safe bet and can give you a nice response in terms of audience growth.

Reaction post: You can write a post that reacts to something someone else posted or to something big that happened in your industry. For example., it can be a book reaction, presentation reaction or even just a blog post.

Entertain Your Audience

Creating entertaining content is a great way to connect with your audience. Sometimes this type of post can get a little difficult to write but if you make it work for you, it can be a super effective post.

Story post: Create or write a post that tells a story and would entertain your audience and make it interesting. I came across some blogs that just create this type of content and some that have a series around that same story.

Spoof Post: Be funny by using irony and exaggerate a lot in your post!  Such posts work well with politics and sports!

Meme posts: These type of posts are super humorous and can go viral real quick.

Cartoon posts: These types of posts have proved to work well with series that make your audience laugh their lungs out and most of them make them think as well.

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