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18 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage + Free Printable

Here are 18 simple ways to spice up your marriage and add some fun, romance, pleasure and connection to your sex life. These are simple tips and ideas that every married couple can use. Marriage tips and advice | Encouragement | Sexy | Christian marriage 

Sometimes, the thought of pursuing a sexier and more intimate marriage just seems daunting.  What if I don’t know what to do?  Or how to do it?  And where will I find the time?

Fortunately, figuring out ways to spice up your marriage, enjoy a fun sex life, and create a more intimate marriage doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time.

Rather than making things too complicated, you can take one small step and do one fun, sexy or spicy thing this week, and then another next week and another the next – pretty soon you’ll know a dozen ways to spice up your marriage!

If you’re ready to give it a try, here are 18 simple ideas for adding some spice to your marriage.  Give one of these, or any fun and sexy activity, a try this week. (This post contains Amazon affiliate links.)

18 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

  • Take a shower together.
  • Give him a full body massage.  Start at the top and work your way down. Or ask him to give you one.
  • Have sex at a different time of day.  Try it one morning or after a Sunday afternoon nap, for example.
  • Make love somewhere other than your bedroom. Sometimes all you need is just a slightly different location!
  • Flirt with him.  Remember the things you did when you were dating?  Do those things.  Wink at him from across the room.  Play with his hair.  Pinch his butt when he walks by.  Kiss him passionately.  Build him up and let him know you still think he’s special.
  • Disconnect from your devices and social media and focus on each other. Declare a device-free evening and spend time re-connecting after a busy day.
  • Do something unexpected.  Send the children to a friend’s house for dinner, then spend a few hours together at home.  Or arrange for a babysitter and book an inexpensive local hotel room.  No babysitter or money?  Get the kids in bed early, then watch a movie together and make out like teenagers. 
  • Try a new position.  It might be exciting, or it may not work out very well.  Either way, have fun with it and enjoy your time together.  Check out the Christian Nymphos position page for ideas. 
  • Change the tempo of your lovemaking.  If things usually move along quickly, slow the pace and enjoy every touch and movement.  If your lovemaking is usually slow and deliberate, pick up the pace and try a “hot and heavy/let me rip your clothes off” approach! 
  • Spice up your language.  Say some things to your husband that stretch your sexual language “comfort zone.”  This is hard for many women, but even slightly more risque communication about sex can boost your interest and give him a real thrill. 
  • Send your husband some sexy texts or emails.  If it’s too hard to say something sexy, write it instead. 
  • Explore something you think will help you feel sexy, but that you haven’t tried yet.  For example, I’m intrigued by the possibilities of corsets! I’ve never owned one or even tried one on, but I’m giving a corset serious consideration.  Also aprons – those sheer or lacy vintage half-aprons that tie at the waist.  Just sayin’…
  • Plan a date that facilitates sex and intimacy.  Some dates don’t facilitate sex and intimacy; for example, a heavy restaurant meal at 9:00 pm is going to put most of us to sleep, not get us in the mood for something hot and heavy!  So plan a date that leaves both of you feeling relaxed, refreshed and in the mood. 
  • Play a sexy game, either an intimate game for couples or just a sexy version of a regular game (Twister, poker!). 
  • Do something you did early in your marriage, but haven’t done for a while. 
  • Pack a picnic lunch or dinner with bite-size foods, such as strawberries, grapes, cubes of cheese, small sandwiches and tiny cakes.  Head to a secluded area of a park or other outdoor location and spread out your blanket, then feed each other bites.  Let it be a sensuous activity that leads to other sensuous activities!  (But head home before making love!)

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