Friday, 31 March 2017

How to build an audience before launching your blog

Did you know that you can start building your audience of readers before you even launch your blog? You can! Let me show you how.
Disclaimer:  this blog post contains affiliate links.

Who wants to create an audience before even launching their blog?

Wait, you can do that?  Yes!

Okay, so you want to get your blog started.  You are waiting to launch it to the world because you feel like you have to fill it up with great content first, right?  You might be saying to yourself,

“I’ll launch my blog once I have more posts.”

“I can’t do anything with my blog yet because I don’t have enough content.”

“I can’t start building an email list until I have at least 20 blog posts!”

Well, I have good news.  Did you know that you can start building and communicating with your audience BEFORE your blog even goes live?  You can (and you should!)

Imagine, you can start building an email list right away.  Then, you can begin communicating with your list and sending them awesome tips.  During this time, you are working on adding lots of great content to your blog.  Once you are ready to launch, you’ve already got built-in traffic!
Here’s a rundown on how this works:
  1. Get a domain name and hosting.
  2. Install WordPress and begin adding content to your blog at your own pace.
  3. Get an email list provider (I use Convertkit) and set up a landing page with a great opt-in incentive (like a cheat-sheet, a resource list, a video, etc.).
  4. Begin communicating with your email list (sending them tips, asking them to join your Facebook group, conducting surveys, etc. so that they already know, like and trust you when your blog launches!
  5. Launch your blog when you feel like you are ready.  Announce it to your email subscribers and invite them to comment, pin and share!  You will have built-in traffic for your brand new blog.

That’s really all there is to it.  So, the bottom line is, don’t let the fact that your blog isn’t quite ready stop you from building an audience.

Here’s to your success!


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