Sunday, 26 March 2017

Electric Guitar Tuner

Just about every musician on the planet is familiar with tuning. Being on-key is essential to a successful performance, and for virtually every acoustic instrument (and a lot of electronic ones too), the tuning process is a routine part of every warm-up.

The fact that it's a bit of a chore makes it only natural to have a love-hate relationship with our tuners, but if you've got a good one to work with, you can keep yourself mostly on the 'love' side of that spectrum. A great tuner is your best buddy on the stage and in the studio, because the quicker and easier it is get your instrument sounding its best, the faster you can get down to the business of playing. For most situations, a compact standard or chromatic tuner gets the job done well, and they come in lots of different types. For instance, the Boss TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner is in the form of a guitar pedal - that's something you'll see a lot of here. Another top seller is the Snark Super Snark Clip-On Tuner, and it's a good example of its kind. Want the ability to tune any instrument in the whole orchestra? In that case, check out something like the Korg OT-120 Chromatic Orchestral Tuner; it's incredibly versatile. Although even the most basic of modern tuners tends to have very good accuracy, maybe you're the sort of musician that refuses to settle for "very good"? In that case, you're looking for a strobe tuner. These come with much steeper price tags, but they're also the most accurate tuners that money can buy. The Peterson Strobe Center 5000-II Tuner is one popular example, and it's a common sight in studios everywhere. But you can also make room for a strobe tuner onstage with a more compact option like the Peterson.

 StroboStomp2 Pedal Virtual Strobe Tuner. High-precision tuning doesn't get any smaller than this little powerhouse! Once you start browsing this selection of tuners, it probably won't take you long to decide which style is perfect for you. Choose between clip-on, pedal and handheld tuners, or go all-out with a strobe model. You can even get motorized guitar tuners that replace the stock tuning machines on the instrument and will automatically tune every string within seconds. With tuners like these on the market, it's safe to say that in today's music scene, tuning is only as much of a chore as you allow it to be.

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