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3 Work-at-Home Skills Courses with Affiliate Programs Bloggers Can Join

Almost everyone is looking to work from home these days. Many folks want to grow their at-home income to a full-time level, but filling out surveys and using Swagbucks just isn’t going to get them there. 

Bloggers often promote these for the affiliate income, which is great because readers can make money doing these things. But promoting only the “easy” and “free” stuff isn’t where the real money is — neither for you nor for your readers.

By encouraging your readers to invest in themselves by seeking professional training from a highly respectable online school, you equip your readers with a growth mindset — a mindset that they’re not stuck with what they’ve got.

A mindset that they’ve got the power to change their financial situation.

After all, the only two things required to earn income from anywhere are 1) skills and 2) a growth mindset

While it’s true you probably have a few “troll” subscribers who will be upset by the fact that online courses cost money (we all do!), most of your readers actually want you to point them toward legitimate resources. These resources will help them learn marketable skills they can use to earn income.

3 Work-At-Home Skills Courses with Affiliate Programs Bloggers Can Join

Below are four specific work-at-home skills courses [on three sites] you can introduce to your readers to encourage them to add skills in order to create income. All four courses provide the high-level training necessary for your readers to start a skills-based freelance business on the right foot.

(BONUS: You can earn affiliate commission when your readers enroll! Signup links are provided for each program.)’s Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ Course

This course is designed to help proofreaders earn an income from anywhere in the world. There is no other program that teaches this specific niche.

The great thing about this course is that students don’t need to have a fancy literature or English degree. The course is all-inclusive — straight through to building and marketing your business.

However, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme; students will need to work hard on the 55 course units, take exams, then actually apply what they’ve learned to start and grow their business.

Some examples of how you might promote Proofread Anywhere include:

  • Promote the fact that the course is approved by American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT)
  • Contact the course instructor for an original interview or to be put in touch with a graduate of the program — caitlin [at]
  • Write a blog post and include an invitation to our free intro courses
  • Share a deep link to any of the blog posts on social media (link generator is on the affiliate dashboard)
  • Use excerpts from the blog to demonstrate the need for proofreaders. A “roundup”-style post perhaps!
  • Feel free to quote the blog posts and FAQs to create new content on your own site.
  • Use our banner graphics on your blog or website’s General and Legal Transcription Courses

Most people have heard about work-from-home transcription jobs. You know, the kind where you have to take a test just to earn the privilege of earning peanuts for your hard work!

TranscribeAnywhere is different from the resources that point in this direction — the instructor, Janet Shaughnessy, provides students with the training they need to start a transcription business.

TA offers two different transcription courses: general transcription and legal transcription, with the latter being more specialized and offering graduates the opportunity to make even more money by adding more skills.

Because legal transcription was added after general transcription, most current affiliates are only promoting one of them (general transcription) but not the second, newest one (legal transcription).

There is tons of untapped potential here for great content on legal transcription.

Some ideas for promoting Transcribe Anywhere’s courses include:

  • Contact the course instructor for an original interview or to be put in touch with a graduate of the program — janet [at]
  • Write a blog post and include an invitation to either or both of the free intro courses
  • Share a deep link to one of the blog posts on social media
  • Use excerpts from the post series People Who Use Transcriptionists to demonstrate to your audience that transcription is in high demand. A “roundup”-style post perhaps!
  • Feel free to quote the blog posts and FAQs to create new content on your own site.
  • Use banner graphics included in the dashboard on your blog or website
  • Promote the fact that the legal transcription course is approved by American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) and was designed specifically to help students pass the Certified Electronic Transcriber exam.

Internet Scoping School at

It is highly likely that very few — if any! — of your blog’s readers have ever heard of “scoping” — which makes this the perfect opportunity for you to become a go-to resource on it in your corner of the blogging community.

A “scopist” is someone who edits a transcript translated by CAT (Computer-Aided Transcription) software into English, ensuring that all shorthand has been correctly translated with proper grammar and punctuation.

Internet Scoping School has been around since 1999 but only started offering an affiliate program in August of 2016. There is no other way to monetize this little-known work-at-home niche on a blog, AND almost no one knows what scoping is right now — meaning it is incredibly ripe for promotion.

Some ideas for promoting Scope School include:

  • Share a short post with information about scoping plus a deep link to our free mini-course (7-email series)
  • Contact the course creator, Linda Evenson, for an interview! She loves to share her story — lindae [at]
  • Contact any of the student success stories (their email addresses are in their posts) for interviews. Consider creating a roundup-style post featuring all of them.
  • Check out the blog, and use it to compile an affiliate blog post about scoping using quoted information directly from anywhere on the ScopeSchool site, including the extensive FAQs section.
  • Consider using screenshots from the Facebook reviews for social proof.
  • Use graphics and banner ads on your blog or website (included in the affiliate dashboard)

Help Your Readers Earn Income by Learning Marketable Skills

Each of these courses offers a unique opportunity for your readers to learn from the best and then start their own business.

The training and support offered by each course are second-to-none. These courses will give your readers all the education needed to truly be successful in starting and growing their business. This means they will be singing your praises and telling their friends — resulting in more conversions for you!

As you can see, the potential for growth and affiliate commission from each of these programs is also unlimited. Especially by becoming an affiliate for the lesser-known Transcribe Anywhere (specifically promoting the legal transcription course) and Scoping School, you position yourself at the forefront of a lot of growth as these courses grow in popularity.

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