50Sites That Pay Bloggers to Write

Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. That’s actually one of the ways you make money blogging! Thanks for supporting my blogging dreams!

As bloggers I know that you love what you do and you’re passionate about your topic but let’s be real — we all want the ability to make some money on the side!

One of my fav ways to make some extra cash is freelance writing. It fits perfectly into my skill set because I’m already technically a professional blogger.

Plus, I love writing so much that I do it for free! Might as well get paid for it too right?

I see tons of bloggers that do sponsored work for brands and make money by reviewing some type of product or service.

What if I told you you could make about the same or even more money from writing without having to have a certain amount of traffic, a certain number of followers on your Twitter or Pinterest account, and you don’t have to bombard your followers with products on a weekly basis?

You can do all of this by freelance writing for clients. What’s even better is that if you can find 2-3 clients that will work with you on a consistent basis, you can set yourself up with consistent income every month!

Here are 50 sites that pay bloggers to write:

  1. ProBlogger Job Board – One of my favs! This board consistently has great high-paying gigs.
  2. BloggingPro Job Board
  3. FlexJobs – Requires paid membership
  4. Journalism Jobs – More for professional writers/journalists or for people who have degrees in Journalism and English.
  5. LinkedIn Jobs
  6. MediaBistro
  7. Morning Coffee Newsletter 
  8. Reddit – Surprisingly Reddit has a /for hire thread and there are freelance writing jobs posted there occassionaly
  9. Sophie Lizard’s eBook of 75 blogs that pay blogger to write  
  10. Freelance Job Openings
  11. Online Writing Jobs
  12. Whisper Jobs
  13. Dice Job Boards – For technical writers
  14. All Indie Writers
  15. Indeed
  16. Contena 
  17. Paid to Blog Job Board
  18. The Client Connection – Carrie from Careful Cents offers client matchmaking services with her mentoring/coaching clients so there is a fee associated with this one!
  19. The Freelance Writer’s Den Junk Free Job Board – This is Carol Tice’s job board and I believe it is $20 per month
  20. Simply Hired 
  21. Writers Weekly 
  22. Craigslist – I use SearchTempest to search all Craigslist job boards at once.
  23. BloggerJobs.Biz 
  24. Resume Edge – Become a paid resume writer
  25. A Fine Parent – Become a paid guest blogger – $100
  26. A List Apart – Up to $200 for contributions to their blog
  27. B2B Writing Success
  28. The Dollar Stretcher 
  29. Freelance Moms 
  30. Make a Living Writing 
  31. Intense Blog 
  32. Metro Parent – Up to $350 for published articles
  33. Scary Mommy – $100 per blog post
  34. The Work Online Blog  – $50 per blog post
  35. Wise Bread – Contact for rates
  36. Ezdia 
  37. Get a Copywriter
  38. How Stuff Works 
  39. iWorkWell
  40. Love to Know
  41. Online Writing Jobs
  42. Plum Deluxe – $30 per blog post
  43. Writers Needed 
  44. Funds for Writers 
  45. Job for Writer 
  46. Doctor of Credit 
  47. Brazen Blog
  48. Write Naked 
  49. Intentional Living – Travel blog that pays for submissions
  50. Upworthy
What do you think? I’m sure that anyone can find at least a few freelance writing gigs from one of these sites.

The key to success to getting freelancing gigs is consistent marketing and pitching. If you dedicate yourself to emailing prospects every week, you will definitely have a book full of clients after a month or two.

Just like with anything, it just takes consistent work!

Please share this list with your blogging friends!