Sunday, 26 March 2017

Blogging Jobs – Large List of Sites That Pay You

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Blogging Type Jobs You Can Do From Home

Blogging and Blog Type Writing Jobs That You Can Do From Home

Below is a list of blogging jobs that can be done from home. There are many companies and websites that will hire writers, even amateur writers to write posts or reviews for them. Some will even pay blog owners to write a review of their product or service and post it to their own website or blog.

If you’ve always wanted to try writing, this is a great way to get your feet wet or to build up your portfolio. Of course the best part is, you can blog from anywhere with WiFI and a laptop. Or even a tablet if you had to!

Types of Blogging Jobs and Writing Jobs for Those That Don’t Have a Blog Themselves. 


News for Shoppers

– Write articles, reviews, tips for shoppers. You’ll earn 70% revenue sharing. They allow you to include a byline. Articles need to be top quality.


– Throw your hat in the ring with other writers bidding on writing assignments.

QualityGal (Now Online Writing Jobs)

– Get paid to write articles. Variety of topics. Pay rates very.

Media Bistro

– Offers writing tasks and jobs.

Write On Results

– Money earned from your penmanship!

Top 7 Websites to Make Money Writing

– Grab a laptop and let your writing career begin!

Niner Niner Blogging

– Can You Make Some Decent Cash Writing on Topics You Enjoy?

– Get Paid per Article You Write About Getting A Job or Career Related things.


– Connecting writers with those needing writers.

Editorial Services Online

– Writers, Editors, Indexers, Web designers Wanted!


– Making cash writing blog posts for blog owners. Posts that get picked up are paid for.
TIP: Do a quick search on for blog writing jobs. They typically have several posted.

Blog Owners That Want to Earn Extra Cash

Social Spark

– This can be a tough one to really get going. I know that I have personally struggled a little with it. They have “plans” and I use the free one. I do get a lot of offers to tweet ads and post ads on facebook, more so than sponsored blog posts. That being said, I was paid $100 for writing a fairly small post on a topic that I knew would appeal to my visitors, so that was win-win.


– I am personally fairly new to Blogvertise. From what I can tell so far, it was easy enough to set up. I filled out the profile and put in my Facebook fanpage link, my Twitter handle etc. As well, you offer ad space on your site- but it needs to be top space. I’ve had a positive experience so far!

Link Vehicle

– You set your rate and the offers come to you. Typically asking for you to post an article with a link in it. The link typically needs to be a “do follow”. I spoke to two bloggers using Link Vehicle and they charge $100 a post and typically earn $100-$200 per month.

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