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Natural Ways to Improve Your Eyesight

Do you miss the days when you could flaunt the flawless beauty of your eyes all day long? Do you think that eye makeup is a waste of time because your glasses camouflage the magical charm of your eyes anyway? I have been through a similar experience and wanted to get rid of my eyeglasses for a long time. However, you must understand that there are structural alterations in the eye that result into either myopia (short-sightedness) or hypermetropia (long- sightedness). If you want to get rid of your specs overnight, you can opt to wear contact lenses or undergo laser surgery for vision correction.

The following home remedies are so good that they ensure your eyes are back to their best health and that too in the fastest possible way. Let us take a look at how to increase eyesight in a natural way for better vision.

Food For The Eyes

1. Spinach

Spinach is rich in not only vitamins A, B, C, E, and minerals such as iron and zinc, but also in lutein and zeaxanthin, the chemical components that help keep the eyes healthy. Eating spinach on a daily basis can prevent disorders like macular degeneration and cataract. Spinach also helps to keep the corneas healthy. Many people despise the way spinach tastes and smells. But you can surely get past the smell by adding a zing to spinach.

Add raw spinach to your fruit smoothies or use spinach and parsley to make a green smoothie and consume it daily. The sweetness and flavor of luscious fruits like strawberries and currants camouflage the taste of spinach really well while maintaining its nutrient content. You can make a spinach soup or cook it with pulses. Sandwiches and lasagnas containing fresh spinach taste heavenly. So why not add a twist to spinach and include it in your diet for a sharper vision?

2. Carrots

Carrots are a gorgeous and wholesome vegetable. They are so versatile and give a dish an amazing color. Apart from being scrumptious, carrots are loaded with beta-carotene, which later transforms into vitamin A, that enhances the general wellbeing of the eyes. You can find several recipes for carrot soup on the internet. Add it to the curries and pair it up with other veggies. You can derive maximum nourishment from raw carrots since the cooking process slightly deteriorates its nutritional profile. Munch on a carrot whenever you get an urge to snack or add it to your salads. But remember to drink lots of water, because carrots are high in fiber content.

You can consume one cup of carrot and gooseberry juice on an empty stomach. Like carrots, gooseberries are rich sources of vitamin A and antioxidants.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the super-foods with amazing health benefits. Including this food in your diet is another natural way to improve eyesight! Like spinach, broccoli too contains vitamin B, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These nutrients not only conserve vision, but also help improve it. Eating broccoli helps keep exhaustion, soreness, and blurred vision at bay. When the eyes are not subjected to a lot of stress, they perform better for longer. Broccoli promotes healthy eyesight by strengthening the eyes and reducing eye fatigue. Baked, grilled, sautéed or raw — broccoli tastes delicious. Toss in a floret or two in your salad, or puree it to make soup, you can incorporate the goodness of broccoli in your diet in numerous ways.

4. Fish

Oily fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardine are packed with the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These work like an antioxidant, protecting your eyes from damage caused by the free radicals in the body. The omega-3 fatty acids prevent dryness of the eyes that is generally caused by the use of contact lenses. Eat fish at least twice a week for a noticeable improvement in your vision within a few months. Baking or grilling is the best method of cooking these fish, which keeps its nutrient content intact. For a change, you can even make a sandwich by stuffing the grilled fish between two slices of wholegrain bread and some lettuce, mayo, and seasoning. Who can say no to a properly made tuna fish sandwich?

5. Avocado

Avocado is yet another veggie that contains lutein and beta-carotene. It is loaded with vitamin B, C, and E as well. As I mentioned before, lutein works wonders for your eyes. It is a photochemical that brings down your eyes’ sensitivity towards light. This ultimately reduces the strain on the eyes and promotes healthy vision in the long run. Make some guacamole and enjoy the guilt-free dip with your favorite nachos. Or how about a luscious and creamy avocado soup? Regular consumption is the best way to improve eyesight.

6. Berries

Berries are bursting with not only tangy flavors, but also with the goodness of abundant antioxidants. They contain a component named rhodopsin, which accelerates cellular regeneration that is vital for maintaining healthy eyes. The nutrients found in berries like blackberries, cranberries, and blueberries fortify the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation throughout the body, including the eyes. This also keeps swelling and irritation of eyes at bay and enhances the quality of your vision.

7. Nuts

Like fish, nuts too contain omega-3 fatty acids that keep your eyesight on track. So, don’t shy away from gorging on a handful of almonds, walnuts or cashews. Avoid eating roasted or processed nut. Go for fresh and raw nuts instead.

Simply soak almonds in hot water and peel off their skin. Add these almonds to one tablespoon of pure honey. Consume daily to improve weak eyesight.

8. Dry Fruits

Soak 15 raisins and two figs overnight in a bowl of water. Eat them on an empty stomach the next morning. The high amount of fiber and vitamins in these dry fruits help speed up the digestive processes and help the body get rid of toxins. This would thereby help to resolve eye-related problems.

9. Chocolates

Chocolates, particularly the dark ones, are rich in flavonoid, a sort of antioxidant which is good for the retina and cornea. A piece of dark chocolate twice a week won’t hurt. So go ahead and indulge yourself in the sinful goodness of chocolate.

10. Eggs

Eggs comprise of a lot of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of our body. If you want the cellular regeneration process in your eyes to take place at a right pace, you need to supply your body with high-quality proteins. The egg yolk is surely a winner in this case. Why not crack up an egg or two and make a ‘sunny side up’ in a capsicum ring to make a funky breakfast?

11. Black Pepper With Honey

Adding a dash of black pepper to one tablespoon pure honey proves effective in treating weak eyesight. You can consume it every day.

12. Wild Rose Tea

Drink a cup of wild rose tea every day. Wild rose consists of vitamins B1, B2, C, P, K, E, and A. It also contains iron, calcium, sodium, manganese, and organic acids. These vitamins maintain the elasticity of the eye.

13. Honey And Cardamom

Consume one tablespoon of honey mixed with a few cardamom seeds. This is another remedy that would offer a significant benefit to your eye.

14. Consume Water Stored In A Copper Vessel

Store one liter of water in a copper vessel overnight and drink it the next morning. Copper lends innumerable healing properties to the eyes and other vital organs.

Taking Care Of The Eyes

15. Sugar – Coriander Eye Drop Solution

Mix one part of sugar with three parts of coriander. Grind both of them together until you get a paste. Boil this paste in water and cover it for an hour. Use a clean cotton cloth and sieve this solution. This is to be used as your eyedrop solution.

16. Mud Pack

To relax and rejuvenate your eyes, apply a mud pack on the eyelids. This will also help in releasing pressure and relaxing your strained nerves.

17. Blink More Often

Blinking your eyes after every few seconds is the best way to reduce straining and fatigue of the eyes. It is the easiest and unfortunately the most neglected exercise for the eyes. As you blink, the eyes go into the dark phase for a moment, which keeps them fresh and releases stress. It’s like giving your eyes a break so that they can focus better for longer. People using computers often forget to blink their eyes, because they are so engrossed in whatever they are doing. You must blink your eyes every four to five seconds to avoid fatigue, strain, and irritation.

18. Rotating Exercise With Eyes Open

Circling the eyes is a great way to get rid of any stiffness and fatigue. It’s a really simple exercise, but the best way to improve eyesight. Sit down comfortably. You need to rotate your eyes as your look up, sideways and down. First, rotate your eyes clockwise five times. Then, do the same in an anti-clockwise manner. This routine will ease any stiffness in the muscles around the eyes, making them flexible and ultimately reducing the stress on the eyes that otherwise can worsen your vision over time.

19. Rotating Exercise With Eyes Closed

This is a very therapeutic workout for the eyes. This workout is just the same as the one mentioned above, but needs to be performed with closed eyes. Gently close your eyes as you sit back or lie down. Move your eyes in a circular motion in a clockwise and then anticlockwise direction, five times each. The purpose is to relieve the eye muscles, strengthen the blood vessels, and amplify the blood circulation and supply of oxygen.

20. Working On Focus

This is a very interesting and equally effective workout for the eyes and takes just a couple of minutes. A fast way to improve eyesight! You need to sit down comfortably. Extend your hand and focus on your index finger. Focus on it for a few seconds. Now shift your focus from the finger to another object placed at a distance of ten feet. Focus on that object for a few seconds and come back to the finger again. Continue this exercise for two minutes to reinforce the muscles around the eyes and enhance your eyesight.

21. Maintaining Focus

This is a variation of the above-mentioned exercise. When seated in a comfortable position, stretch your arm in front of you and stick your index finger up and straight. Focus on the finger. Now, slowly bring the finger closer to your face till it’s just four inches away. Now stretch out your arm again. Try maintaining the focus on the moving finger. If done regularly, this exercise improves your eyesight to a considerable extent overtime.

22. Palming

This is not particularly an exercise, but it relaxes your eyes as well as the mind. It is a great way to take a break from the computer or the TV. Sit in a chair in front of a table. Take a couple of deep breaths. Bend forward a little to rest your elbows on the desk. Slightly fold over your hands to form a cup with your palms. Place the palms on your eyes so that your fingertips touch your forehead and the heel of your hand is on the cheeks. Do not exert pressure on your eyes with your palms. Make sure you can blink with ease in the cup of your palms. Take slow deep breaths. You will be amazed at how relaxed you feel after resting your eyes like that.

23. Apply A Little Pressure

This is also an exercise that relieves stiffness and fatigue of the eye muscles, making you feel at ease. It involves applying light pressure with your fingertips on some areas of your face, particularly those above the eyes. You need to be comfortably seated with eyes closed. Slightly curl your fingers so that all the four fingertips are in alignment. Place the fingertips on the area above each eye, i.e., just above the eyebrows. You have to place them in such a way that the index fingers touch the inner end of the eyebrows. Apply gentle pressure with your fingertips on that area and smoothly make your way towards the outer side of the eyebrows, i.e., towards the temple. Come back to the inner side of the eyebrows again. Repeat the motion 10 times and you will feel really refreshed.

24. Splash!

We never forget to wash our face several times in a day. But it is important to wash the eyes too, particularly every night before going to bed and every morning after waking up. You can use water that is at room temperature. During winters, you can use lukewarm water because chilled water can make your eyes dry. Use drinking water for this splashing routine. Splashing your eyes with water will wash out the dust and dirt, and provide moisture as well.

Protection And Hygiene

Certain measures should be followed to protect your eye vision and overall eye health.
  • Avoid sitting close to the television screen or computer monitor.
  • Avoid using these devices for long periods of time and at a continuous stretch. Look away from the monitor occasionally and rest your eyes every few minutes.
  • Avoid exposing your eyes to the harsh sun rays, smoke, dust and strong winds. Wear sunglasses to avoid the strong glare of the sun.
  • Wear swimming goggles to protect your eyes from chlorinated water in the swimming pool or debris in the ocean.
  • Read and work in a well-lit area to avoid eye strain.
  • Look away and rest your eyes every few minutes.
  • Practice some basic eye exercises, like closing your eyelids and gently massaging your eyeballs.
  • Soak a ball of cotton in cold rose water and place it on your eyelid for 5-10 minutes.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly. Regularly use eye drops to avoid dry eyes.
When it comes to improving vision, a combination of right food, exercise, and taking proper care of the eyes can yield favorable results. The overall health of your eyes depends on certain nutrients, such as vitamin A and C, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants.

Incorporating these nutrients into your diet will help improve your eyesight. Apart from the food items mentioned above, sweet potato, kale, Swiss chard, turnips, and mustard leaves also contain vitamin A. Peppers are rich sources of vitamin C that is essential for maintaining the overall health of your eyes.

Proper nutrition strengthens your eyes while proper exercise de-stresses your extra-ocular muscles. Healthy muscles and enhanced blood circulation promote healthier vision. The key to an enhanced vision is perseverance and patience, because there is no shortcut to improved eyesight when you take the natural path.

While it is not quite possible to eliminate the vision problem altogether, you can definitely bring the power of your eyeglasses down by several points in a matter of few months. You must wear your spectacles, whenever needed. Many people don’t wear spectacles, thinking that it hides the beauty of their overall look. However, not wearing spectacles can lead to further deterioration of vision. So, stick to your glasses, eat healthy, give your eyes a gentle workout and slowly but surely, your eyesight will improve!

Do you wear spectacles? Have you tried these natural ways to improve your eyesight and have they worked for you? Do you have a special tip to keep the eyes healthy? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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