Sunday, 24 September 2017

DIY Lamshade Made with Cardboard & Mobile Charger | How to Make a Night ...

Friends, have you ever thought that a used or damaged mobile charger can
be used to make a beautiful night lamp or table lamp? Yes, it is
possible. In this video we are going to show you how to make a very
creative and unique lampshade that is made from recycled cardboard and
is powered using LED lights and damaged mobile charger.

Since this craft works on mobile charger that consumes very less
electricity and there is no harm of current or electric shock, it is
totally safe craft to be made at home! Your search for ‘How to make a
Table Lampshade’ ends here!

You need all the recycled material to make this lampshade. It primarily
includes cardboard and an out of use mobile charger.
First of all you need to take a printout of the design that is available
for FREE download at our website. You can also choose to draw your own
design if you wish. The four sides of the lamp are made using mount
board pieces.

The design is then traced onto the four pieces using a carbon paper.
This design is then carved our using a cutter of blade. Use acrylic
colors to paint these four sides and top and bottom. Stick these sides
together using fevibond which is an instant glue and your lampshade
structure is erected.

Its time to fix the LED light inside it. You can buy the small LED
lights at any electrical shop and it costs very less. Take a mobile
charger and cut its charging end.

Split the wires into two and connect
them to both the terminals of the LED and switch the power on.

 You can use this lampshade to decorate your house as a –

  • Room Decor
  • Bedroom Night Lamp
  • Table Lamp
  • Diwali Decoration Craft
  • Christmas Decoration Craft
  • New Year Decoration
  • Halloween Decoration
  • Event Decoration Craft
  • …and much more

will glow!

You need to fix this super simple electrical arrangement inside the
cardboard lamp from the bottom.

Your lampshade craft is now ready!

You can uses this paper lampshade in many ways. Use it as a Diwali
decoration idea, Christmas Decoration Craft, New Year decoration craft,
birthday décor, bedroom lamp, drawing room lampshade, as a school
project, etc. Uses of this craft can be infinite!

Hope you loved watching our DIY cardboard Lampshade making craft video.
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Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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