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Tooth Comb For Hair : Why is a Wide Tooth Comb Good For Hair?

All of us desire to have those long locks of hair? Thick and lustrous hair are a sign of healthy hair. Apart from oiling, shampooing, and conditioning, combing is a very important aspect in hair care regime. Combing your hair appropriately ensures hair hygiene and prevents it from breaking. Combing also prevents the formation of knots and helps in the detangling of hair thereby giving a good neat appearance. Therefore, you must go for the wide tooth comb for hair.

When it comes to combing, the choice of the comb is very essential. An improper comb can result in knots and hair breakage. Choosing an appropriate comb is essential to keep your hair healthy always. Every wondered why experts suggest a wide tooth comb for hair? Read on to know the benefits of wide tooth comb and reasons to start using one.
Tooth comb for hair

What is a Wide Tooth Comb?

A wide tooth comb is a type of comb that has large spacing between the teeth of the comb. Most people mistake a wide tooth comb for the teeth itself being wide, however, that is not referred to a wide tooth comb, although some wide tooth comb has teeth that are bigger in size apart from a large spacing.This type of comb is suitable for any hair type and can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Types of Wide Tooth Comb For Hair

There are different types of wide tooth comb to choose from. The type of wide tooth comb depends upon the number of washes in a week, the volume of hair, hair texture and how you prefer to style your hair.

1. Extra Wide Tooth Combs

The comb that you can use for all hair types is the extra wide tooth comb. These combs have large and big spacing between the teeth and overall diameter and size are big. These features of the comb help to comb or detangle dry and wet hair thereby preventing hair breakage and damage. Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, the extra wide tooth comb is a must have for all hair types.

2. Wide Tooth Combs

Wide tooth combs like extra wide tooth combs have their teeth spaced well apart. Wide tooth combs can also be used to detangle dry hair and wet hair. These combs can also be used for all hair texture and are most commonly used for all hair types.

Do you know how to keep long hair tangle free? We bring you the solution to make it easier with helpful tips…

Wooden Wide Comb VS Plastic Wide Comb

You might have seen both types of comb available in the market. Are you wondering which one is better, wooden wide comb or the plastic wide tooth comb for hair? Wooden wide combs are much better than plastic ones because plastic combs cause static and do not distribute hair oil evenly. Wooden combs have blunt ends that reduce static and distribute the oil evenly. It also reduces the drying of the scalp and can be easily used on coarse and wavy hair. The most recommended type of wooden wide comb is the “FREUDEWOOD WIDE TOOTH COMB” that is made of sandalwood with aromatic smells and particularly used for detangling hair.

5 Reasons to Start Using Tooth Comb For Hair

Wide tooth comb is widely chosen for both long and short hair. Here are 5 reasons why you should include a wide tooth comb for hair care routine.

1. Easier to Detangle

For tangled hair, never use a normal comb as the spacing between the teeth is very small and you will end up leaving tears of frustration. A wide tooth comb easily detangles knots in your hair. It is specifically recommended for those who have long and curly hair.

2. Reduced Hair Fall

While removing knots and detangling, one often loses a lot of hair while using a normal comb. However, a wide tooth comb helps detangle your hair more effectively without losing a lot of hair. Another major hair rule to remember while detangling your hair is always using the comb on dry hair. Combing your hair when it is wet leads to hair damage, breakage and hair fall. Also, you can apply hair serum or hair oil to make the process of detangling easier.

3. Prevents Hair Breakage

Due to wider spaces between the teeth and larger diameter, it is easier to detangle hair without hair breakage. A wide tooth comb provides lesser friction while compared to a normal fine tooth comb. This property makes the wide tooth comb more gentle on the hair and prevents breakage.

4. Gentle on Scalp

Wide tooth comb feels great on the scalp compared to a normal comb. When you use a wide tooth comb your scalp feels massaged and soothed rather than being scratched. A wide tooth comb is soothing on the scalp and improves blood circulation. Also for those who particularly suffer from scalp pimples and inflammation, wide tooth comb is the best choice.

5. Reduces Split Ends

Curly and wavy hair is prone to a lot of frayed ends and split ends. Using a regular comb causes hair damage and more split ends. However, using a wide tooth comb reduced and prevents split ends.
We are sharing few simple hair care tips for curly hair which will surely help you to manage your curly locks in easy ways.

Can a Wide Tooth Comb Be Used On Wet Hair?

Even though wide tooth comb can be used on both wet and dry hair, it is more beneficial to use on dry hair. Wet hair is very fragile and is easily prone to hair breakage and hair fall. Make sure you make your hair somewhat dry before using the comb to detangle your hair.

How to Keep Your Wide Tooth Comb Clean?

Like other combs, wide tooth combs should also be maintained and kept clean so that the greasy oil is not transferred back to your hair. Every time you wash your hair, make sure you give your comb a wash too. You can either use soap and warm water to clean it or also use an old toothbrush to clean the teeth by scrubbing it gently from the top.

Where Can You Get a Wide Tooth Comb?

Wide tooth combs are easily available in the market. Although both plastic and wooden are readily available, it’s always better to pick up wooden ones as they are more gentle on your hair and long lasting. Sandalwood wooden combs are the most popular choice as it is known to have therapeutic properties to release tension and stress in the head. Also, the wooden scent has an aromatic property that instantly attracts you.

Combing is an important hair care routine step and healthy hair is a sign of good combing and proper choice of the comb. An appropriate comb can also be used for hair styling. Now that you know the benefits of using a wide tooth comb, make sure to add this one to your collection of combs.

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