Friday, 25 November 2016

9 Selfies That Were Taken Right Before Death

1. Sylwia Rajchel - She is a 23years old polish medical student who visited the Puente de Triana bridge in Spain when she stopped to take a selfie. Balancing on the edge, she got her shot but fell a fatal 15 foot drop.

2. Xenia Ignatyeva - She was only 17years old when she met her utimely demise. the culprit was a railways bridge in Saint Petersburg.

Here, she was trying to take a selfie before she fell 30feet, on her way down she grabbed onto the live wires and was hit with 1500 volts of electricity, tragically she dnt survived the fall.

3. Isabella Fracchiolla - She was only sixteen year old from Italy, she tried to take a selfie by the seaside but instead tumbled down the 60 foot drop and was rushed to a nearby hospital but she didnt survived it.

4. Oscar Otero Aguilar - He is a Mexican who is trying to take a dramatic photo of a gun to his temple, it was a loaded one and as he snapped the photo the gun discharged and the bullet struck his temple. when the police arrived he was already far too gone to be saved by the professionals.

5. Courtney Sanford - She was driving on a freeway when she decided it was the perfect time to upload her selfie on Facebook.

Next she posted a status saying "The Happy Song makes me so HAPPY", moments after posting the status she crash her head on into a truck, killing her instantly.

6. Karen Hernandez - She is a Mexican and have only took 13 photos when her aim was to capture the beauty of the El Tunal river in Durango. However she get close and slipped into the river and drowned.

7. Ramon Gonzalez - He is a Puerto - Rican rapper and commonly know as Jadiel by his stage name.
He decided to take his motocycle for a spin. before he left , he snapped a selfie that would be the last picture he even took forever.

 Out on his ride he tried to do the same but he first lost control of his motorcycle and was killed.

8. James Crowlett - He is 34years old insurance saleman from Oregon USA who rumours about a man that was killed by sharks in 2014 when taking a selfie.

It turn out that the man in the photo was a musician Pete Wentz who was undoubtedly alive, Ah the beauty of internet and photo-shop will keep us on our toes forever.

9. Kelene Guiterrez - She is 18years old who love taking selfie in outrageous places and died after attempting taking a selfie while hanging on her bathroom doors.

During this seemingly safe position in the comfort of her bathroom, she fell and hit her head on the toilet, utimeltly leading to her death.

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