Saturday, 25 November 2017

9 Free Sites That Will Help You Learn WordPress

 So, you have taken the plunge you have started a blog! Now what? I’m going to be real being a new blogger can be scary. You are not thrown into the world of writing, but the techy world of websites and WordPress. And let me guess you don’t know how to use WordPress?
Some people are lucky enough to have the funds to hire out someone to do all the work for them. I am not one of those lucky people and if your not either keep reading. There is hope for us!

WordPress is vast with all its plugins and widgets. You really can do anything when you are self-hosted. It’s exciting! But when you are new how do even know where to start? The dashboard itself is overwhelming.

Well, I have been on the hunt for awhile now on finding FREE ways I can learn how to use WordPress. 

Below is a list of sites I have found that offer free tutorials and videos. They will help you make your WordPress blog AWESOME! Wahoo!

9 Free Sites That Will Help You Learn How to use WordPress

First, I do want to say that if you purchased your theme then I would check the creator or company website. Many of them provide videos to help you design your site. It’s super helpful!

9 Free Sites That Teach You How to Use WordPress

Youtube Channels

9 Free Sites That Will Help You Learn WordPress

Seriously, youtube is GREAT! There are many techy superheroes that help us to learn how to get this blog off the ground. Plus it’s all visual which is a life saver. You can either search for something specific you need to learn or you can type in “WordPress tutorials”. And you will be in tutorial heaven!

For those of you don’t want to weed through the search system. Take a look at these channels.

Remember everyone’s teaching and learning styles are different. Gravitate to the one that fits you best!



It can be hard to find a website dedicated to teaching WordPress that is free.  And to be honest I don’t blame people charging. A lot of work goes into producing videos and writing how-to posts. But when you are on a tight budget you need to find the cheapest way to go and FREE is the best.

iMark Interactive
Grayson Bell offers a free crash course for understanding WordPress. It goes through all the things you will need to know and understand to make your site successful

When I first started out someone told me about WPbeginner. It has been so helpful with my learning. It’s chock-full of articles about all things blogging and WordPress. They also have a youtube channel with tutorials. You can check that out here. It’s amazing how this site is free!



With everything going mobile you shouldn’t be surprised that apps are an option for learning how to use WordPress. Sadly, most Apps want money. Other options are still better in my opinion. Though I do want to give one shout out to:

iTunes U
iTunes U is an app that offers tons of free course on all kinds of topics. You can simply search “WordPress” and slew of courses and tutorials will pop up.

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