The men on this list are hardly monsters. They wouldn’t have become some of the most successful entertainers, athletes, and and businessmen in the world if they didn’t have the good looks to match their undeniable talent. It’s just that these male celebrities can’t help but pale in comparison to the otherworldly women they managed to marry.
We present this list not to poke fun at a bunch of famous “schlubs,” but instead, toast these gentlemen for their impressive achievements—and for giving us the hope that we, too, can convince an insanely beautiful babe to walk down the aisle with a modest-looking man.

1. Geoffrey Arend
 Christina Hendricks is best known for flaunting her unmatched, out-of-this-world curves as sexy secretary Joan on Mad Men. Her husband, Geoffrey Arend, is best known for swallowing a bag of weed in the cult classic Super Troopers. Dude: Tell us your secret.