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Early signs of heart attack you must know, Even if you are young

If you thought stroke just attacked old people then think again. Even doctors admit that stroke can attack you at any age. The most recent example of how Stroke can kill youngsters is that of Katie May aged 34, a well established social media star who died from stroke in February this year.

In what could be termed as simply shocking, Katie May simply collapsed during a photo shoot and died soon after in hospital. Although she thought she had a pinched nerve, she had actually died from stroke. Here’s what you need to know as the early warning signs of stroke despite of being young.

1 Impaired, Blurred or Loss of Vision

The onset of stroke can cause impaired or blurred vision in either one or both eyes. Although it isn’t as pronounced as loss of sensation, still 44% of people who suffered stroke in the UK mentioned that loss of vision is a strong symptom of stroke.

2 Sudden Bouts of Dizziness and Headache

According to David Newman, MD, who is also an Associate Professor in the Neurology Department of John Hopkins University, dizziness is a strong warning sign of possible stroke especially in women below 45. If you feel sudden dizziness or head swings and blackouts, stop whatever it is you’re doing and seek medical help
Sudden Bouts of Dizziness and Headache

3 Incoherent language

The earliest warning of stroke is when you start to talk gibberish. At first it may be small examples of misconception of time or the day. You may start talking incoherently as in delirium. This may graduate to total loss of the ability to speak and appear in a state of confusion.

Sudden Weakness in Limbs

A sudden feeling of weakness or limpness in an arm or a leg could be a strong sign of stroke. As in the case of Katie May, who felt she pinched her nerve instead. This could lead to paralysis and collapse. In most cases the paralysis will be related to the side of the brain which suffers the stroke. A good test of stroke is to extend your arms outwards palms facing up for 10 seconds, if one arm falls it shows a sign of muscle weakness.
Sudden Weakness in Limbs

5 Pain in One Side of Your Face

Pain is not a common symptom of stroke, however, if you experience sudden pain in any of your limbs or especially on one side of your face; this is a clear early warning sign of stroke,

6 Headache and Migraines

A sharp painful headache is a common stroke indicator. A study once showed that among 588 volunteers, those who have experienced a sharp headache with the attack of stroke were mostly youngsters having a medical history of migraines. It also concluded that women were more prone than men to stroke in such circumstances. If you experience such a symptom, an MRI should be carried out immediately.
Headache and Migraines

7 Facial Weakness or Droopy Face

If you find one side of your face suddenly droopy or even semi paralyzed, this is an extremely large warning that you could be having a stroke

8 Fatigue

Studies also revealed that among ischaemic stroke victims, women were more likely than men to experience signs of exhaustion, confusion, disorientation and fatigue. An alerted mental state was also a related indicator of stroke.

9 Hiccups

This warning sign affects mostly women and can result in a sudden bout of constant hiccupping. This is due to the stroke attacking the breathing center of the brain.

Shortness of Breath and Palpitations

When stroke attacks you, you could be fatigued or you may suddenly experience shortness of breath due to the difficulty in breathing. This also leads to heart palpitations or an increased heartbeat due to lack of oxygen. Although predominant in women, still this is one early warning sign of stroke that should never be ignored. It warrants immediate medical attention.

In order to prevent stroke it’s mandatory to lead a healthy lifestyle with both physical activity and rest. One should also maintain a healthy weight and reduce alcohol consumption. Smoking is a big contributor to stroke in youngsters and should be stopped immediately.


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