Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Landrush for .africa domains hits final week

PHOTO: Disrupt Africa

The Landrush Phase for the newly launched .africa domain name enters its 4th Phase and final week from June 26th.

The .africa domain name system offers companies, organisations, and individuals to apply for domain names containing keywords valuable enough to pay a premium for. Domain names with single words that attract heavy every day use are very typical during this Phase.

.africa is the top-level domain name system for the continent of Africa. It is open to all individuals and entities in Africa, or ones that identify with Africa, globally. It is available in Landrush Phase from Web4Africa, an accredited .africa domain name registrar, said Managing Director, Web4Africa (, Oluniyi Ajao.

This Landrush Phase is not exclusive to the .africa top-level domain but is normal with all newly-launched domain name extensions. All things being equal, there is a much better chance that the domain can be obtained during this Phase.

Speaking on the Landrush Phase which ends this week, Ajao, reiterated certain names that have got prior rights associated with them will not go through unless the applicant had already specifically validated rights in the Mark Validation System (MVS), or Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) database. When processing a Landrush Application, Web4Africa will receive a Claims Notice if the string is registered in the MVS or TMCH.

At the end of the Landrush phase, he re-emphasised, all uncontested domain applications will be delegated while all contested domain applications will proceed to an Auction Phase. Applicants will be notified by the .africa registry on the Auction process should this occur.

Domain auctions will last a minimum of three days. Any bids within the final 12 hours will extend any auction by an additional 24 hours. .Africa has already demonstrated serious interests from global brands and entities within Africa who are trademark owners as about 1,000 domains were earlier secured

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