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7 Foods Missing From Your Healthy Diet

Certain dietary myths and popular weight busting diets preach us horridly fallacious facts about some amazingly powerful superfoods, and make us eliminate them from our diet. Foods like white potatoes, cheese, dark chocolate and eggs, are given a bad name and that deprives us of essential nutrients that are important for the success of any healthy meal plan, be it for weight loss or a wholesome lifestyle.

Don’t concentrate your energies on what you shouldn’t eat, instead, think about all the essential nutrients that your diet lacks and try to make up for their deficiency. You must enjoy the taste of all the foods you enjoy, but be sure to substitute calorie-rich and unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones.

7 Foods Missing From Your Healthy Diet

Here are 7 amazingly healthy foods that pack heaps of nutrients, and deserve to be an essential part of your wholesome lifestyle:

1. Nuts

Contrary to popular belief that claims that nuts tend to trigger weight gain, they are actually extremely healthy varieties amongst nuts that trigger weight loss, by filling you up with healthy fats and energy. Nuts such as almonds, pistachio, and walnuts are packed with protein, and healthy fats.

Healthiest nuts for weight loss
However, be sure to pick out small portions of mixed nuts, which should be no more than a handful. And make sure you don’t keep an entire bag or jar of nuts on your desk or in the kitchen because that triggers overeating.

2. Dairy

Since dairy products like milk and cheese are not added to most popular diets that are supposedly healthy, and that causes us to ignore their countless health benefits, and the fact that they contain powerful doses of potassium and calcium. Animal milk contains 8 grams of protein, which is considerably lesser than the protein content obtained from almond, soy or coconut oil.

Diary is a remarkable source of potassium, and you mustn’t deprive yourself of all its nutritious benefits without a concrete reason. However, if you want to cut down your calories, be sure to pick out skimmed milk instead of the regular one, and limit yourself to one cup a day. And similarly, pick out low-fat cheese, and eat no more than one ounce every day.

Dairy Free Benefits


3. Bread

Carbohydrates are extremely essential, and for those who fear that they are the culprit for digestive ailments, we recommend you to go ahead and enjoy a sandwich or two. Whole wheat bread is a remarkable source of whole grains, and it also contains a hefty dose of fiber, protein and several other key nutrients.

Fix yourself a healthy sandwich with two or three slices of whole wheat bread, which you can pair up with turkey and lettuce, tomatoes and tuna, grilled chicken, mustard and eggs, tomato sauce and sausages, or some organic fruit jam and almond butter.

Healthiest Brown Bread
Be sure to pack yourself a healthy and filling sandwich for lunch every day, but make sure the bread you pick out says only whole wheat instead of flour on the label.

4. Indulge Mindfully

Let’s admit it, we all like to indulge ourselves every now and then, but limiting your indulgences and being mindful about them is essential for adopting a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. You see, excesses like alcohol just can’t be a part of a well-balanced and healthy diet.

However, you don’t exactly have to cut out all your indulgences entirely, because that can affect your social life by turning you into a health freak in front of your friends. Just limit them to a mindful portion serving or quantity. For instance, pick out sparkling water instead of alcohol, or a glass of wine, or vodka instead of sugary beverages and smoothies.

Sugar delights and desserts are hard to eliminate from one’s diet, therefore, the wiser thing to do is eat one cookie instead of two, and one piece of cake instead of two. It’s better to share one dessert with two other people to make sure you eat less. But if you must indulge, try to make your desserts healthy with crunchy fennel seeds, dark chocolate, dates, and plenty of nuts.

Safest Alcohol to Drink


5. Pasta

Allow us to break the myth that pasta causes weight gain, because you can’t gain weight unless you eat too much of it. It all really boils down to your portion size and the ingredients you add in your pasta dish.

The best way to make a pasta amazingly wholesome is to pick out a healthy star ingredient for your meal, and keep pasta as a side-line, for instance a light salad. Limit your serving to no more than one cup, and steer clear of cheesy and creamy sauces because they add up heaps of calories.

Healthiest Spaghetti
Always cook your pasta with plenty of veggies, olive oil, and some shrimp or salmon to inject your body with a powerful dose of protein, which will satiate your hunger and energize your mind.

6. Eggs

Dietary myths claim that eggs are harmful because they pack heaps of cholesterol, but research reveals that they are an essential ingredient for any well-balanced or weight loss diet. There are several studies that validate that eggs are safe and healthy for patients who wish to regulate high cholesterol levels.

Truth be told, it’s not eggs that raise cholesterol levels, but other dietary factors that cause them to increase. In fact, doctors and nutritionists stress the essentiality of eggs for a wholesome diet because of their powerful vitamin B12 dosage. If you’re a vegetarian, eggs are all the more important to fill you up with some non-meat protein, and eggs are truly your best source.

If you’re too sceptical about their fat content, just stick to two eggs whites and one egg so you can cut down the calories of the yolk without entirely giving up all its nutrients. A three-egg omelette is a very healthy and filling breakfast that will keep you satiated for hours. Oh and don’t limit your egg servings exclusively for breakfast, you can add eggs to your casserole recipes, rice, salads, spaghetti and much more.

Are boiled eggs good for weight loss


7. White Potatoes

White potatoes are given far less credit than they really deserve, because they are truly superfoods that pack a powerful dose of fiber and potassium, without even increasing the calorie count. However, what really matters is how you prepare your potatoes. For instance, oily French fries or potato skins aren’t healthy and they trigger weight gain. But mashed potato toppings are a healthy pick to toss in salads, hummus, chick peas, salsa, mustard, sauces and Greek yogurt.

Vitamins in a Potato
So, which one of these essential superfoods have you been depriving your body of? Remember, it’s always better to research before believing dietary myths, because in most cases, they’re not entirely true and factual.

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