Saturday, 31 December 2016

How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes?

Blue eye colour is among the rare eye colour that creates unique defining features of any face. They are gorgeous and tranquillizing to behold, but if you apply wrong eye makeup for blue eyes, it can make them look faded and quite dull. Therefore, it is important to use right makeup tips for blue eyes to enhance the features and make them look brighter.

We present to you few important makeup for blue eyes which when used properly will give the eye colour pop. One of the best tip for blue eyes is revolved around certain shades to enhance the eye features that also tends to define the look and shade of the eyes.

Step by Step Method to Apply Make Up on Blue Eyes

Makeup for blue eyes
  • First of all, clean your eyes and gently apply the moisturiser around your eyes to prevent drying. Dab little amount of concealer to hide dark circles and any other dark spots. Complete your face makeup and then start by applying eyeshadow of your choice.
Apply concealer to hide dark circles
  • First use the pencil or liquid eyeliner to create gentle strokes and give the outline. Then apply the desired shade of eye shadow using a soft brush. Swipe it gently over your upper eyelids along the eyeliner and apply the thick line just like you apply your kajal.
Apply liquid eye liner
  • Apply little amount of eyeshadow to the corner of the eyes as well. Pick a lighter shade of the similar colour and reapply on your upper eyelid area.
Apply darker eye shadow on corners
  • You can add a little shimmer with shades like copper, gold or bronze and retouch the eyelid section.
Apply eye shadow
  • To make your eyes look bigger and highlight, apply kajal onto your lower eyelid.
Apply kajal on lower lid
  • For the final touch and more compliments, apply multiple coats of mascara to highlight the brighter aspect of your blue eyes.
Apply mascara
While the steps seem to be quite easy, the whole trick of applying eye makeup for blue eyes revolves around choosing the right colours of eyeshadow, eyeliners and mascara. You can transfer your daytime look to night out with little change in colour tones.

Get The Right Eyeshadow Colour

  • To start with, use the primer before applying the eyeshadow. This will enhance the colour of the eyeshadow on your blue eyes and make them appear brighter.
  • Always choose eyeshadows with the neutral palette and more earthy and warm tones as opposite to blue colour. Colours like black, silver, charcoal, slate and grey. You can also go for cool colours such as purple and green eye shadow
  • It is also important to know what colour of eye shadow will suit the medium, light and dark blue eyes. There are multiple shades of blue colour in eyes from light blue to dark blue-green to grey blue. Here are few color suggestions based on the intensity of the color blue of your eyes.
  1. Bright Blue Eyes: Light tones such as gold, ash, grey, and taupe
  2. Blue Green Eyes: Warm tones of reds, sienna, oranges and bronzes
  3. Grey Blue Eyes: Warm tones such as coral, copper, teal and lilac
  4. Medium Blue Eyes: Browns, Blacks, Charcoal, Camel and Copper
  5. Dark Blue Eyes: Nudes, light or pastel colors
  6. Light Blue Eyes: Orange, bronze and neutral brown tones
  • If you still face problems choosing the suitable eye shadow colour, try to work around the hair colour and the skin tone.
  • For the fair skin with blonde hair choose rich colours like warm pinks, browns and plum. Apply lots of mascara and brown eyeliner to complete your look.
  • For fair skin with dark hair you can opt for brighter pink and shades of gold.
  • For tanned skin with brunette hair, apply deep plum or peach colour and pair with heavy mascara and black eyeliner.

Get the Right Eyeliner

  • Apply a thin coat of black liquid eyeliner towards the upper eyelid. For a lesser intense look, use grey or charcoal colour eyeliner instead.
  • Use neutral shades because such colours will make them appear bright and also suitable for daytime and for work.
  • You can add a little shimmer with the eyeliner. Colours like silver, bronze and copper will not only make your eyes look big but also add a little sparkle to your blinks.
  • For lower lashes, you can either go for beige or white eyeliner to blend your waterline.

Choosing the Right Mascara

  • Mascara is a must have eye make tool for all the ladies. While it accentuates the features of your eyes, black mascara goes well with just everything
  • For the softer look, you can choose brown or charcoal colours as well.

Makeup for Blue Eyes

  • You can either go for darker or lighter hues to make your eyes look brighter. Using the same tone will dull the overall effect.
  • For Wide Eyes: Apply dark colour towards the inner corner of the eyes for the more closed look.
  • For Deep Eyes: Apply light coloured eye shadow on the upper eyelids and medium on the crease.
  • For Round Eyes: You can simply let your eyes pop by using mascara and an eyeliner for every day use and apply the lighter shade of eye shadow on the eyelids.

Get The Smokey Look for Blue Eyes

  • Start with contouring both the eyes with the kajal pencil. Simply swipe the pencil towards the outer edge.
  • Draw the line across the lids using a liquid eyeliner.
  • Apply the light eye shadow around the corners and carefully smudge towards the inner side. Make sure the shadows are applied over the kajal on both upper and lower lids. Smudge the eye shadow with kajal to give the smokey touch.
  • Apply thick coat of Mascara multiple times for thick eyelashes and Viola you are ready with the smokey eye for blue eyes
In 2016, some of the eye makeup for blue eyes really complimented the models on and off the runway.
  • Gold and Rust Smokey Eyes: This look extract boldness of rust and warmth of gold. Adding the wing gives it little edge and bold look
  • Neutral Smokey Eyes: Nude tones with the tinge of brown shade let your eyes speak for themselves.
  • White and Blue Eyes: The combo reminds of the sea goddess.
  • Turquoise Line Eyes: If you are looking for fast and simple eye makeup look but still wants to add a little statement, apply turquoise eyeliner. Use fake lashes or mascara to give the most radiant look.
  • Classic Black Eyes: Last but not the least there is no comparison to this evergreen look. It is super sexy for any blue eyed girl.
To fully understand the game of the colour and how shades work in eye makeup, you should experiment and be able to see what suits your eyes and face. There are various videos on makeup for blue eyes on the internet that you can follow for more practical approach, but if you simply follow the tips shared in this article, this would definitely help you master the art of applying makeup for blue eyes. It’s always better to stick to the basics to have a good start and eventually improvise the colour combinations.

Always remember, makeup helps accentuate the features of our body, be it face or eyes. If you are not comfortable enough to experiment by yourself, you can always take help from professionals or watch makeup for blue eyes for better understanding.


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