Tuesday, 30 May 2017

‘eCommerce driving digital change in Nigeria’

New business models and evolving consumer behavior are driving the digital change Nigeria is experiencing. Online shopping today is well known for its convenience and good deal.

Consumers are demanding more from eCommerce providers and taking advantage of online shopping, choosing from a variety of options without jumping from one market to another.

In this light, for a business to remain relevant in the next five years and beyond, two key developments hold sway namely: “Bringing your store online. This step is very vital in sustaining the life span of the enterprise. Because in years to come, many Nigerians will prefer to shop online, thus leaving the sellers with no choice than to join the moving train.”

Second, updating your stores and providing adequate details information about stocked items. This step keeps you in business, because consumers/customers will always come back for more and even refer people associates.

As consumers increasingly interact with products and services through digital content and services on mobile devices, desktops, apps and tabs, it is important that sellers understand the user’s journey.

Apps are fast becoming the best channel for engagement. Therefore, sellers should become familiar with application-based and cross-device advertising and messaging to reach users in a more customised way.

According to a recent survey, Nigerian mobile users install an average of 25 apps on their phones. This figure is billed to rise. The development should wake shopowners from their slumber and embrace online tools.

One of the platforms that provide you this opportunity FREE is MOEHLY marketplace (www.moehly.com). This medium, one of the fast-growing online markets, accommodates various sellers and buyers nationwide as well as guarantees maximum protection for buyers and sellers.

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